• Negotiating payer contracts
    Expert Presenter: Prerna Marwah MBA

    Stop letting your payers dictate contract terms. Learn how to analyze and renegotiate your payer contract to improve your overall reimbursement, speed up payments and reduce surprise rate changes.

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  • Expert Presenter: David Vaughn JD, CPC

    Essential detailed training for all medical practices on the anti-kickback statute legislation and safe harbors to avoid violation pitfalls and hefty consequences to all involved, including possible prison time.

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  • Expert Presenter: Steve Selbst

    Open the doors of those “closed” and “narrowed” insurance panels that will most benefit your practice. Don’t walk away from payers when they deny you access to the patients you want. Use these proven tactics to get…

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  • Expert Presenter: Gerald “Jud” E. DeLoss J.D.

    Negotiating your contracts with managed care organizations is as important to your reimbursement as your actual claims. It can mean the difference between getting paid or losing even more money on the services […]

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  • Expert Presenter: Greg Vap

    Selecting a billing company is one of the MOST important financial decisions you’ll make. Whether you are outsourcing for the 1st time, or changing vendors, the decision can secure the success of your practice […]

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