Expertly Negotiate Higher Rates from Payer Managed Care Contracts


You can get payors to reimburse your managed care contracts at a higher rate……if you know how.

Contrary to what you might think, the answer doesn’t involve trickery or witchcraft.  You simply need to employ several key negotiation strategies. Everything matters when you negotiate your managed care contracts: voice tone, language, listening, personality types, etc. By utilizing these proven expert strategies, you will help payors realize what you bring to the table and in turn justify them compensating you at a higher rate.

That’s where healthcare business consultant and expert Doral Jacobsen MBA, FACMPE, comes in. Doral will provide you with specific actionable steps you can use to elevate your managed care contract negotiating skills. She’ll help you overcome common contract missteps, so your managed care contracts work for your practice and get you paid more of what you deserve.

Here are just a few of the insider negotiation secrets Doral will share during her 60-minute managed care contracts online training:

  • Address uncomfortable topics, such as rates, and get your way
  • Strike a persuasive tone with payers with proven voice techniques
  • Craft responses that change an insurer’s “no” into “yes”
  • Uncover proven language tools to improve negotiation outcomes
  • Head off payer negotiation tactics that could reduce your pay
  • Get the contract terms you want with lessons from actual practices
  • Utilize listening & marking skills to make conversations more impactful
  • Leverage personality types for more successful contract negotiations
  • Anticipate negotiator roadblocks and learn how to get around them
  • Cut through confusing contract language to avoid hidden pitfalls
  • And much, much more

IMPORTANT: Even if your practice’s current payer contract negotiation strategy works, this upcoming training event can help make it even better. With a few tweaks, your negotiation skills and your contract outcomes will be even stronger.

Negotiating payer managed care contracts doesn’t have to be a nightmare. By utilizing these proven negotiation tactics, you can strike a deal that benefits both your practice and the payer.  You’ll better understand the nuances of the contracts you are signing, and make sure you’re paid more for the services you provide.

Thanks to this step-by-step online training program, you’ll be on the road to smoother contract negotiations and higher income. Don’t wait, Sign up today!

Meet Your Expert

Doral Jacobsen
MBA, FACMPEPartner at Prosper Beyond LLC

Doral Davis-Jacobsen, MBA, FACMPE, is a Partner at Prosper Beyond LLC, a specialized healthcare consulting firm nestled in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. Doral is a seasoned healthcare consultant with over 20 years of experience serving healthcare providers ranging from solo practitioners to large academic medical centers. She is a popular speaker and author, always looking around the corner to help her clients prepare for “what’s next.” Doral is known for assisting practices with next generation managed care contract negotiations, payment reform and revenue cycle.

She is a Fellow in the American College of Medical Practice Executives. Doral serves as the Chair for the North Carolina MGMA Payer Contracting Committee 2019. Doral has written numerous articles on medical practice revenue cycle, managed care contracting and payment reform and is a frequent speaker at national, regional and local healthcare forums. Doral is a co-author of MGMA’s book, Transitioning to Alternative Payment Models: A Guide to Next Generation Managed Care Contracting, published in October 2016.