Get Your Denied Claims Paid Fast with Proven Appeal Process

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Tressa Harley

You can reclaim a significant amount of additional reimbursement from your denied claims with a few simple changes to your appeals process. The money is rightfully yours you just have to know how to go after it.

In fact, carriers are counting on you being too busy to go after these additional funds. And, even if you have a denials management plan, experts agree that there is underlying money just waiting for you to go after, but the odds are you don’t know where to find it.

That’s where national payer relations expert, Tressa Harley, comes in. During her online training session, Tressa will walk you through how to capture this hidden revenue from your denied claims.

Here are just a few of the expert denial management tactics you’ll receive from this 60-minute online training:

  • Proven appeal letter template that saves time and improves results
  • Uncover precertification appeals tactics that get your claims approved
  • Modify appeal letter verbiage to get more of your denied claims paid
  • Improve your appeals process with payer-specific strategies
  • Demand clinical and coding reviews to overturn more claims
  • Hold your carries accountable to their response deadline
  • And so much more…

You can get more of your denied claims overturned and paid, but you must know specifically how to make it happen. By attending this 60-minute online training, you will receive the tools and tactics you need to more quickly get paid for more of your denied claims.

Don’t wait, sign up for this online training today.

Meet Your Expert

Tressa HarleyPayer Relations Expert & Provider Reimbursement Coach

Tressa Harley is a healthcare consultant who leads accomplished medical practice managers & healthcare administrators through their challenges with health insurers, using sustainable, simplified solutions that work. She is the Founder & CEO of MD Office Insights, a payer relations strategy firm known for transforming medical practices who feel as if they are at the mercy of health insurers, into profitable entities that maximize reimbursement on cruise control.

Drawing on her unique experiences, gained over 2 decades as a health insurance leader, Tressa has first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of commercial payers – from decision-making at the C-suite level through execution at the front-line level. Tressa’s client work & expertise span Claims Operations, Provider Contracting, Utilization Management, Credentialing, Provider Appeals, Provider Servicing, Network Operations & Servicing, Member Servicing and more.

This advantage gives her an unparalleled mastery in understanding how to remove the numerous disadvantages providers face with payers. To learn more about Tressa’s results-oriented methodology to maximize provider reimbursement using 90% strategy + 10% effort, connect with her on LinkedIn or visit