Payer Audits

  • Expert Presenter: Linda Duckworth CPC, CHC

    As Medicare and private payers continue to go after reimbursement paid in error, the chances you’ll get audited has increased. Auditors can dig through your previously filed claims for a “look back period” of 6 YEARS…

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  • Expert Presenter: Frank Cohen

    Auditors are back with a vengeance, which means your chances of getting audited just shot through the roof. So, you can bet they’re driven to find your errors. With a little help you can level the playing field…

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  • Expert Presenter: Wayne Miller Esq.

    ZPICs are so dangerous because they conduct “law enforcement-like” audits and don’t discriminate the type of provider regardless of size or specialty. If they find you have inappropriate billing, then they can get […]

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