Protect Your Practice Against Audit Generated Penalties


As Medicare and private payers continue to go after reimbursement they believe was paid in error, the chances you’ll get audited has shot through the roof.

In fact, after Medicare identifies an overpayment, the amount is considered a debt you owe the Federal government, and Federal law requires them to go after you to get it back. To make matters worse, auditors can dig through your previously filed claims for a “look back period” of 6 YEARS.  Meaning repayments, penalties and fines can add up to massive amounts fast.

Preparation increases your chances of surviving a payer audit. That’s where auditing and compliance expert, Linda Duckworth, CPC, CHC, can help. Linda presented a 90-minute online training session that will help you uncover compliance violations (i.e. overpayments), and help you head off allegations of fraud and the associated financial penalties.

Here are just a few of the step-by-step investigation tactics you’ll receive by completing this 90-minute, online training:

  • Master key terms and language to lessen your chance of repayments
  • Respond to auditor inquiries more accurately to avoid serious outcomes
  • Don’t let a staff member’s mishandling of information lead to massive penalties
  • Determine whether you should oversee, delegate, or participate in the audit response
  • Get your physicians on board with documentation improvement
  • Avoid wasting time beefing up services that auditors are not focused on
  • Speed up the audit process by responding to requests promptly, accurately and fully
  • Increase appeal success with specific strategies that really work
  • Recognize when a billing pattern could place you under audit scrutiny
  • And so much more…

By viewing this 90-minute online training session, you’ll get access to proven “lessons learned” in processing, and developing effective audit responses.  Case studies will be provided so that you can more successfully visualize an audit’s progression.  This will help you be prepared for key issues auditors can throw at you.

This detailed, nitty-gritty online training session will teach you how to proactively reduce negative outcomes of an audit, through self-monitoring. Personal experiences in appeals management on both small and large-scale projects will be shared.

Although you can’t ALWAYS control whether you are selected for an audit, in many instances you can influence the outcome of the audit by having a solid understanding of the process and audit-proofing your records.  Don’t wait, order this must-attend online training today.

Meet Your Expert

Linda Duckworth
CPC, CHCSenior Managing Consultant and Compliance Officer

Linda is a Senior Managing Consultant and Compliance Officer at Medical Revenue Solutions – a medical consulting firm. She has 32 years of healthcare experience working in varying environments from a medical practice and hospital, to her current role at a nationally recognized consulting firm. Her expertise is primarily in the areas of CMS Audit Rebuttal, Revenue Cycle, Medical Practice Management, Coding and Documentation Analysis and Education, Consulting, HIPAA Privacy, and Corporate Compliance.

Over the years Linda has successfully produced claim rebuttals in response to aggressive Medicare audits by the ZPICs and UPICs, assisted her clients avert allegations of false-claims, assisted clients with meeting diversion agreements, audit obligations, and training requirements as mandated by U.S. government agencies and Office of Civil Rights.

Linda is a featured speaker for the American Academy of Pain & Rehabilitation and the Spine Intervention Society, and numerous state Medical Group Management (MGMA) organizations. She is also a Certified Professional Medical Coding Curriculum instructor, covering CPT, ICD-9, compliance and reimbursement related materials.

Linda is CHC certified through Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) and CPC® certified through the American Academy of Professional Coders® (AAPC®). She is an AAPC approved instructor for the Professional Medical Coding Curriculum, a National Advisory Board Officer to the AAPC, and an Officer for the Kansas City chapter of AAPC.

Responsibilities include overseeing Medicare ZPIC and UPIC audit rebuttals for clients, completing documentation and coding audits with report writing for physicians and administrators. Performing technical review of all work products for the organization prior to client release. Fulfilling presentation and education requests from clients and/or professional organizations. Research CMS and third-party payer specific issues. Compliance and HIPAA Privacy Officer; training, education, investigate and perform risk analysis for all client and employee concerns. Represent the company during disputes of compliant coding and billing practices.