Discount Bundles

  • Medicare Provider Enrollment
    Expert Presenters: Tracey Tokheim ; David J. Zetter PHR, SHRM-CP, CHC, CPCO, CPC, COC, PCS, FCS, CHBC, CMUP, PESC, CMAP, CMAPA, CMMP, CMHP; Dreama Sloan-Kelly MD, CCS, CPC

    Find out how to make your Medicare provider enrollment and credentialing easier, faster and more accurate with this 5-part online training series. Three national experts walk you through the process with actionable advice.

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  • No surprises act 2022 changes
    Expert Presenters: Daphne Kackloudis Esq.; Ashley Watson Esq.; Gina L. Campanella Esq, FACHE; David Vaughn JD, CPC

    No Surprises Act changes that went into effect this year made billing your patients a lot more confusing. Get clear, step-by-step guidance on billing your patients correctly every time in this 3-part series.


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  • CAQH application
    Expert Presenter: Yesenia Servin CPMSM, PESC

    Getting your CAQH application right is key to keeping your provider reimbursement flowing. Get step-by-step guidance on the CAQH ProView portal in this 3-part online training series.


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  • Front desk
    Expert Presenter: Tracy Bird FACMPE, CPC, CPMA, CEMC, CPC-I

    Even simple front desk mistakes can have serious consequences for your practice. This expert-led 5-Part online training series will provide your front desk team with proven tactics to help them avoid the most common danger areas.

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  • Medical records fees
    Expert Presenters: Laura Fryan JD; Daphne Kackloudis Esq.; Ashley Watson Esq.

    Get eye-opening requirements and step-by-step advice from expert healthcare attorneys to prevent massive fines for charging, retaining, and destroying your patients’ health records.

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  • Telehealth reimbursement
    Expert Presenters: Michael Stearns MD, CPC, CFPC, CRC; Kim Huey MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO

    Changes to 2022 telehealth reimbursement rules have opened more opportunities for your practice to reap the benefits of care you’re already providing. This 2-part series walks you through how to bill correctly and get paid more.

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  • Credentialing basics
    Expert Presenters: Tracey Tokheim ; David J. Zetter PHR, SHRM-CP, CHC, CPCO, CPC, COC, PCS, FCS, CHBC, CMUP, PESC, CMAP, CMAPA, CMMP, CMHP

    Mastering the complexities of payer enrollment and credentialing can be a nightmare – unless you get some help. This 3-part online training series will help you improve approvals, speed responses and reduce errors.

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  • Payer Contracting Negotiation and Reimbursement
    Expert Presenters: Doral Jacobsen MBA, FACMPE; Olga Khabinskay MBA

    You don’t have to settle for the terms and payment amounts in your payer contracts. Implement these proven strategies to negotiate a better deal, keep the plans you what and know when it’s time to get out. Signup today.

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  • E/M Surgical Modifiers
    Expert Presenter: Kim Huey MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO

    Get expert advice to master E/M and surgical modifiers to get paid more of what you deserve and avoid getting audited and fined. This online training gives you practical advice you can put into action immediately.

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