3-Part Series: Insider Medicare Provider Enrollment Tips to Collect Pay Faster

Length: 60 Minutes Each Expert: Yesenia Servin, CPMSM, PESC

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Part 1: Provider Enrollment 101: Critical Skills to Boost Accuracy & Approvals

Both commercial and government payers make provider enrollment more complex than it needs to be, but you've got an expert on your side. Get the proven tactics you need to providers approved faster and start getting paid sooner.


Part 2: Medicare PECOS 2.0: Prepare Your Practice Now for Launch

CMS is updating its enrollment system with Medicare PECOS 2.0, and if you want to continue being able to enroll and credential your providers, you must master the changes. Prep now with this exclusive sneak peek of the new system.


Part 3: 855I Medicare Enrollment Form, Master New Changes to Get Paid

Medicare’s 855I enrollment form has changed again. This makes it harder than ever to navigate your provider enrollments and get paid. Get expert advice to master these changes during this 60-minute online training.


Medicare provider enrollment approval is the first step in collecting for your clinicians’ services. You must do it before taking appointments, seeing patients or submitting claims. That’s why you should put just as much focus on your credentialing and enrollment responsibilities as you do every other task in the revenue cycle process.

Unfortunately, CMS doesn’t make Medicare provider enrollment easy, and even one small mistake can lead to thousands of dollars in lost pay. It can be hard to stay on top of the dozens of changes CMS makes to the PECOS system every year, and with your staff already stretched thin, you might miss some essential updates.

To ensure you succeed and get fast approvals, you need an expert on your side, which is where Yesenia Servin, CPMSM, PESC, comes in. As a Medicare provider enrollment and credentialing expert, Yesenia can walk you through every step of the process so you’ll get approved quickly and start collecting right away. During her 3-part online training series, Yesenia will show you the insider strategies she’s discovered, provide a sneak peek at PECOS 2.0 and help you get your providers approved.


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PART 1: Provider Enrollment 101: Critical Skills to Boost Accuracy & Approvals

Available Immediately, Order the On-Demand Recording to Watch at Your Convenience.

Provider enrollment requirements are complicated, ever-changing, and, unfortunately, how your practitioner is eligible for reimbursement.

To get your providers approved by payer plans, you must master a core group of enrollment skills. Even a small error can mean that your providers are denied access to a large group of potential patients and will miss out on the related revenue.

Provider Enrollment Tactics for Everyone

Whether you are an enrollment newbie who was thrown in headfirst or a seasoned team leader who wants to keep your staff up to speed, your practice is counting on you to get all your provider enrollment applications approved by every desired payer.

Provider enrollment and credentialing expert Yesenia Servin, CPMSM, PESC, can provide you with the answers you need. Yesenia will walk you through the provider enrollment process step-by-step. This online training will help you more seamlessly get more of your physicians and non-physician providers approved for reimbursement by payer plans.

Proven Provider Enrollment Tactics

Check out just a few of the concrete, actionable provider enrollment strategies you’ll receive by attending Yesenia’s 60-minute online training session:

  • Decipher complex language on provider enrollment portals
  • Reduce common errors with a cohesive enrollment checklist
  • Develop an enrollment plan to avoid missed deadlines
  • Pin down provider enrollment regulations by payer to speed up approvals
  • Determine when you need an individual or corporate NPI# for enrollment
  • Master key provider enrollment definitions to make the process easier
  • Cut through the red tape of both government and commercial payers
  • Overcome the most common barriers to provider enrollment approvals
  • Create a realistic enrollment timeline to better anticipate notifications
  • More easily apply for provider NPI#s with these three proven methods
  • Classify the taxonomy codes that apply to your physicians
  • And much, much more…

PART 2: Medicare PECOS 2.0: Prepare Your Practice Now for Launch

Available Immediately, Order the On-Demand Recording to Watch at Your Convenience.

Finally, CMS has announced that it will officially launch Medicare PECOS 2.0 in 2024.

The PECOS 2.0 site will significantly change how you enroll and validate your Medicare providers. You can access a sneak peek of the new system that will help you get ahead of the PECOS 2.0 launch and ensure that your providers continue to get paid for the care they provide to Medicare patients.

Enrollment, and credentialing expert Yesenia Servin, CPMSM, PESC, will take you inside the Medicare PECOS 2.0 system with an inside look at the new enrollment and validation process you must master. Yesenia will provide actual screenshots within the new site so you can be better prepared for the launch later this year, and make sure your Medicare reimbursements keep flowing.

Here are just a few of the practical, must-have Medicare PECOS 2.0 usage tactics you’ll receive by attending this online training:

  • Get new providers paid more quickly with simple preparation strategies
  • Stop wasting time with multiple applications — just use one
  • Tailor your specific practice’s application process with critical insights
  • Manage your group members more efficiently with new tool
  • Stop provider validation denials by mastering the expanded questions list
  • Cut through the confusion of the new revalidation process
  • Discover how to fast-track your applications for rapid review
  • Review the PECOS 2.0 reminders to avoid ever missing validation deadlines
  • More effectively manage your applications with the Real-Time Status Tracker
  • Uncover proven tactics to reassign providers more easily
  • And so much more

PART 3: 855I Medicare Enrollment Form, Master New Changes to Get Paid

Available Immediately. Order the On-Demand Recording to Watch at Your Convenience.

CMS has once again updated its 855I provider enrollment form, and you can’t afford to miss the changes if you want to collect for your providers’ services.

The physician enrollment process has been mired in complexity from day one, but CMS’ constant changes to the 855 forms amplifies the already confusing process. During its latest update, the agency merged the 855R into the 855I paper enrollment application, meaning you CANNOT use the 855R ever again if you want your providers to be able to collect from Medicare.

This is where credentialing and enrollment expert Yesenia Servin, CPMSM, PESC, can help. Yesenia will walk you through each essential step of the enrollment and credentialing process using the most accurate and up to date 855 forms so you can get your providers through the process faster than ever. In just 60 minutes, she’ll help you ensure you’re on top of the updates and optimize your approval odds.

Following are just a few of the must-have strategies that will help you master changes to Medicare’s 855 form and continue to get paid:

  • Discover which features of the CMS-855R are available on the 855I — and which are gone forever
  • Identify exactly how you’ll report reassignment information now that the 855R is gone
  • Uncover how forms 855B and 855A impact your completion of form 855I
  • Sidestep the most common pitfalls of using the updated CMS 855I form
  • Discover which PECOS updates you must know to process reassignments now that the forms have changed
  • Pinpoint when to submit a paper 855I application and when to submit electronically
  • Navigate what to do if you get a denial during the submission process
  • Cut provider enrollment turnaround times significantly with insider strategies to complete the 855I correctly
  • Simplify Medicare reassignment of benefits with key fields on the 855I
  • And so much more!

Past Webinar Reviews:

“This webinar was very helpful to me, especially with me being new to the credentialing process. I think Yesenia did a great job and is very knowledgeable.”
– Rasheeda Moore, Jacksonville Medical Care

“I am new to enrollment and thought this webinar was very informative. I look forward to joining more webinars!”
– Stephanie Bake, Credentialing Specialist, Pioneer Physicians Network, Inc.

“The speaker did a great job! Yesenia spoke very clear and friendly.”
– Nicole Suiter, Human Resources Director, On Point RCS

“I have enjoyed both webinars that Yesenia has presented. She speaks clearly, confidently and provides great examples of her experience.”
– Andrea Avila, Revenue Cycle Director, Santa Rosa Community Health

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Meet Your Expert

Yesenia Servin
CPMSM, PESCNationally Certified Credentialing Specialist

Yesenia Servin is a nationally certified credentialing specialist, with over 20 years of experience in healthcare credentialing, contracting and payer enrollment. Her background includes working with various healthcare organizations, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Managed Care Organizations (MCO), Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC), and Academic Health Systems.

In addition to her role with Loyola University Medical Center, Yesenia has built her professional consultation business to serve healthcare professionals of all specialties. As a well-rounded credentialing specialist, her expertise extends through managing both provider credentialing and payer credentialing and enrollment.

Yesenia enjoys spending time with her family and jumping into the mini-van with them for a road-trip.