Provider Enrollment 101: Critical Skills to Boost Accuracy & Approvals


Provider enrollment requirements are complicated, ever-changing, and, unfortunately, how your practitioner is eligible for reimbursement.

To get your providers approved by payer plans, you must master a core group of enrollment skills. Even a small error can mean that your providers are denied access to a large group of potential patients and will miss out on the related revenue.

Provider Enrollment Tactics for Everyone

Whether you are an enrollment newbie who was thrown in headfirst or a seasoned team leader who wants to keep your staff up to speed, your practice is counting on you to get all your provider enrollment applications approved by every desired payer.

Provider enrollment and credentialing expert Yesenia Servin, CPMSM, PESC, can provide you with the answers you need. Yesenia will walk you through the provider enrollment process step-by-step. This online training will help you more seamlessly get more of your physicians and non-physician providers approved for reimbursement by payer plans.

Proven Provider Enrollment Tactics

Check out just a few of the concrete, actionable provider enrollment strategies you’ll receive by attending Yesenia’s 60-minute online training session:

  • Decipher complex language on provider enrollment portals
  • Reduce common errors with a cohesive enrollment checklist
  • Develop an enrollment plan to avoid missed deadlines
  • Pin down provider enrollment regulations by payer to speed up approvals
  • Determine when you need an individual or corporate NPI# for enrollment
  • Master key provider enrollment definitions to make the process easier
  • Cut through the red tape of both government and commercial payers
  • Overcome the most common barriers to provider enrollment approvals
  • Create a realistic enrollment timeline to better anticipate notifications
  • More easily apply for provider NPI#s with these three proven methods
  • Classify the taxonomy codes that apply to your physicians
  • And much, much more…

Provider Enrollment Application Approval

You can stop the complexities of payer-specific enrollment requirements and online enrollment portal changes from getting in your way. In just 60 minutes, you can master the provider enrollment skills necessary to ensure your practitioners receive more of the reimbursement they deserve.

Don’t submit another provider enrollment application without utilizing Yesenia’s proven tactics. Make your provider enrollment processes less complicated and more successful by attending this online training.  Don’t wait, register today!

Meet Your Expert

Yesenia Servin
CPMSM, PESCNationally Certified Credentialing Specialist

Yesenia Servin is a nationally certified credentialing specialist, with over 20 years of experience in healthcare credentialing, contracting and payer enrollment. Her background includes working with various healthcare organizations, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Managed Care Organizations (MCO), Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC), and Academic Health Systems.

In addition to her role with Loyola University Medical Center, Yesenia has built her professional consultation business to serve healthcare professionals of all specialties. As a well-rounded credentialing specialist, her expertise extends through managing both provider credentialing and payer credentialing and enrollment.

Yesenia enjoys spending time with her family and jumping into the mini-van with them for a road-trip.