Inappropriate Billing of QMBs

The purpose of this Change Request is to instruct Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) to report on an ongoing basis the issuance of provider compliance letters as first outlined in CR9817 and subsequent technical direction.

Chapter 11 Update

This Change Request makes updates to the manual language regarding billing for physician assistants as the attending, coinsurance on inpatient respite care, and to the section about hospice election periods and benefit periods in Medicare Systems in Chapter 11, section 10, 20.1.6, 30.3, 40.1.1 -, 40.2, 50, and 70.3 of the Medicare Claims Processing Manual.

Implementing Changes via the esMD System

The purpose of this Change Request (CR) is to implement the changes required to send Additional Documentation Request (ADR) letters to participating providers via the esMD system.

New Medicare Card Project Updates

The purpose of this Change Request (CR) is to update language-only changes for the New Medicare Card Project-related language in Pub 100-08.

Chapter 29 Updates

This Change Request (CR) updates Pub. 100-04, Chapter 29 with several policy updates, including electronic signatures, limiting scope of redetermination review in certain instances, application of good cause for late filing involving beneficiary accessibility, as well as application of good cause where there is a declared disaster.

New Waived Tests

This change will inform contractors of new CLIA waived tests approved by the Food and Drug Administration.