DOL investigator

Hire Attorney Early & Protect Against DOL Investigator Overreach

Although being investigated by the Department of Labor (DOL) may not be something you worry about every day, it is a very real possibility. DOL investigations have skyrocketed since COVID, along with penalties when compliance violations are uncovered. And if a DOL investigator shows up at your door, it can easily send you into panic […]
Medicare excluded individuals

OIG Exclusion List: Avoid Losing Your Medicare Billing Rights

As a practice that accepts Medicare and Medicaid, you are required to know the exemption status of your candidates, employees, and vendors. Failure to do so can have dire consequences, such as significant fines, loss of your ability to bill Medicare and Medicaid, and even jail time (in extreme cases). Even an innocent mistake can […]
Information blocking rule

Avoid Information Blocking Violations for Patient Records Access

Federal law requires that you provide your patients with “adequate access” to their medical records based on a specific set of criteria. Fail to comply, and you could be hit with significant violation penalties. Information blocking rule. The problem is that these rules are confusing and implementing them correctly can be a challenge  This post […]
1135-based licensure waivers

Get Ready: 1135 Waivers, Licensing Extensions Ending Soon

HHS recently extended the Public Health Emergency (PHE) into January 2021, keeping the 1135 waivers — including licensing requirements — in place, for now. While there is no definitive expiration date for the waivers, one thing is certain — these waivers will end, and if you’re not prepared you could lose your license. 1135 Waivers […]
Medicare ABN Mandatory

Is an ABN Mandatory or Voluntary? Here are 4 Clues to Decide

The Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) form is only one page long, but accurately completing the process can be as tedious as waiting for the repair man to show up. And it’s really critical that you take the time to get each step right, or you’ll be faced with increased write-offs and could even land […]
Compliance program new rules

DOJ New Rules: Fund Your Compliance Plan or Face Massive Fines

With so many improvement areas competing for resources, a sufficiently financed and living breathing compliance plan has not been high on your priority list. But new guidance released June 1 from the Department of Justice (DOJ) that determines penalties based on these added requirements means you must update your compliance program now to avoid massive […]
remain productive during COVID19

Improve Your Practice and Remain Productive

Stay-at-home orders and mandates to delay elective procedures have significantly reduced patient volume at your practice. To justify paying your staff, you need to quickly find ways for them to remain productive during COVID-19. Between pandemic stress and less work to do, your staff could easily settle into an unproductive rut. But there are ways […]

Avoid Audits, Write-Offs With Mandatory or Voluntary ABN Form

QUESTION: What do educators mean by mandatory vs voluntary ABN? Is it the same form? Question from Long Island, NY Subscriber   ANSWER: To secure payments and prevent audits, you must have your patients sign a Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) form. Don’t risk fines and face write-offs by not issuing the form […]

EKRA Violations Get 20 Years in Prison – Update Your Compliance Now!

Anyone in your practice could be soliciting kickbacks and your compensation arrangements could be in violation too. Those are two lessons learned from the first ever conviction for an EKRA violation committed by an 80-year-old office manager. ERKA violation: A Kentucky woman faces up to 20 years in prison for soliciting kickbacks from a toxicology […]
Office Animal Policy

Dodge $75K ADA Fine with Answers to Office Animal Policy FAQs

Whether patients are bringing pets to your office because it’s trendy or a medical necessity is not for you — or anyone in your practice — to decide. You need to understand the ADA service dog laws and implement a clear office policy to educate your staff and protect your practice from a blow to […]