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Subpoena for medical records

4 Questions to Ask if You Get a Subpoena for Medical Records

If your practice receives a subpoena for medical records, it’s important to stay calm. Although you have to toe the line between complying with the subpoena and protecting patient privacy, there are important questions you must answer before sending the records. Check out the four questions you should always ask when you get a subpoena […]
CPT modifiers

3 Ways Payers Are Monitoring Your Use of CPT Modifiers

Without CPT modifiers, many coders would struggle to submit accurate claims to payers. Why? Because modifiers allow you to provide insurers with more information about a service or supply, without changing the meaning of the code they’re modifying. In many cases, modifiers can be the difference between a denial and a claim approval. Coders have […]
Telehealth fraud

3 Recent Cases Show Providers Charged With Telehealth Fraud

Telehealth has become such an important part of our lives that it’s now second nature for many medical practices. That doesn’t mean you can become complacent, however. The reality is that auditors are still scrutinizing telehealth claims to look for instances of wrongdoing, and several recent cases highlight how telehealth fraud scrutiny may even be […]

4 New External Cause ICD-10-CM Code Sets to Know for 2024

The 2024 ICD-10-CM codes — which took effect on Oct. 1 —include nearly 450 changes, with many of the new codes slotted into chapter 20, which describes external causes of illness or injury. While not all payers require the use of these codes, they can absolutely help you paint a clearer picture of why a service […]
I-9 form

Check These NEW I-9 Form Changes Before the Nov. 1 Deadline

The updated I-9 form is already out, but many practices aren’t using it yet. The catch? You must start using this form effective Nov. 1, 2023, since the previous version expires on Oct. 31. To prepare for the switchover and ensure you’re ready to begin using the new I-9 form, take a look at these […]
Medicare appeals

7 Tips for Medicare Appeals That May Help Reverse Denials

Unless you engage a consultant or attorney to assist, it costs nothing to submit Medicare appeals, but it can net you big money because you’ve already performed the service — and you deserve to get paid for it. Many practices avoid appealing denials because it’s time consuming, but if you know the ropes about Medicare […]
Patient payment estimator

Price Transparency: How to Give Accurate Estimates to Patients

If you’re looking for a new way to bring in cash, check out this statistic: About 52% of patients would pay $700 more by credit card when visiting a physician if they’d gotten an estimate at the point of care. That stat from a McKinsey quarterly survey of retail health care consumers demonstrates just how […]
Marijuana in the workplace

6 Ways to Protect a Practice From Marijuana Impairment Errors

If your practice is in an area where marijuana is legal, you may think you should just look the other way when staff members are using marijuana in the workplace. But if you adopt this philosophy, you could be setting yourself up for massive liability issues. Why? One federal study found that employees who test […]
Excel pivot tables

3 MS Excel Features That Can Benefit Medical Practices

If you work in a medical practice, you know how useful Microsoft Excel can be for everything from tracking revenue to logging HIPAA requests. But because Excel offers an unlimited number of ways to display data and information — and to analyze it — you may find some benefit from discovering new ways to use […]
Delegated credentialing

How Delegated Credentialing Can Help Practices Bring in Cash

Before your practice can get paid for your providers’ services, those clinicians must go through the payer enrollment process, which has multiple credentialing steps that can take upwards of six months to complete. And every day of delay when your providers aren’t credentialed means you’re losing money. The solution for many practices is delegated credentialing. […]