Master Difficult Conversation Skills to Improve Employee Performance

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Merikay Hunt, MS

Having a difficult conversation with an employee is probably at the bottom of the things you like about your job. However, as a manager, you really don’t have a choice.

Improve Difficult Conversation Results

Your practice depends on you to resolve employee issues quickly and efficiently. Especially when the situation you’re addressing is sensitive (i.e., patient complaint, body odor, substance abuse, etc.).

The good news is that with the correct words, timing, and tone during a difficult conversation, they are easier for both you and your employee, and you’ll more frequently get the results you’re looking for – but you have to know how…

Proven Difficult Conversation Tactics

Find out how from HR and communications expert Merikay Hunt, MS. Merikay will provide you with concrete examples of how to structure a difficult conversation to improve employee behavior, keep good employees longer and get others to self-select out. Your entire team can gain the confidence they need to survive a difficult conversation. In turn, your practice will run more smoothly, and your job will be less stressful.

Check out just a few of the actionable strategies that you’ll get during this 60-minute online training that will help you have a more productive difficult conversation:

  • Use this complete checklist before your difficult conversation for a better result
  • Head off problems with the 5 keys to productive staff discussions
  • Strengthen teammate and supervisor relationships with actionable steps
  • Navigate the best times and places to sit down with team members to talk
  • Avoid the specific terminology that can destroy staff confidence
  • Use an easy-to-follow script when requesting a private conversation
  • Master listening skills that allow you to create a win-win environment
  • Implement 4 primary and secondary communication profiles to strengthen empathy
  • Coach to boost engagement for middle, high, and low-performing staff
  • Get team members to own up to mistakes without fear of retribution
  • Share bad news without anxiety by using a 3-pronged plan
  • Establish workplace boundaries with structured performance improvement plans
  • And much, much more…

Stop Avoiding a Difficult Conversation

Simply avoiding difficult employee conversations won’t help your practice thrive. In fact, it could hurt team morale, leading to lost productivity and income. Only by mastering the skills needed to discuss challenging topics head-on will your practice thrive.

Help your team be more successful by using Merikay’s actionable strategies when having a difficult conversation with an employee. Register today!

Meet Your Expert

Merikay Hunt
MSFounder and President, Coach Mkay Companies, LLC

Merikay Hunt is the Founder and President of MKay Companies, LLC, a healthcare consulting firm. She has over 25 years of experience in healthcare management, customer service, communications, and professional coaching. Merikay has helped hundreds of US dental and medical practices by providing executive coaching, team development, and elevated patient and employee communications.

Merikay began her career at a dentistry practice as a Dental Assistant, Receptionist, and Office Manager. She was then the Director of Patient and Family Experience for High Point Regional Health System.  During her work experiences, Merikay expanded and refined her communication and training skills and knew she could utilize her abilities to help practices across the United States. Initially, Merikay worked as a healthcare consultant with HCI – EBS, Inc. in Greensboro, NC, and then, in 2007, she launched her own healthcare consulting business, MKay Companies, LLC.

Additionally, Merikay is certified to provide Dale Carnegie Training in professional leadership and communication.


The webinar was great! I enjoyed it and it was very helpful. I gained a lot of knowledge.
Tona Manning
Administrator, Professional Orthopaedic Associates