NEW Independent Contractor Rule: Practical Tactics to Halt Violations

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Kelly Holden, JD
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If your practice works with even one independent contractor, you could face significant penalties for not complying with the NEW Department of Labor (DOL) Independent Contractor Rule that takes effect March 11th.

Once this new rule goes live, the government will launch a severe crackdown on practices that misclassify workers as independent contractors when they should be considered employees. Those who aren’t compliant with this new Independent Contractor Rule are subject to a year in jail, up to $1,000 in fines per misclassified employee, class action lawsuits, and insurance repayment.

Think it can’t happen to you? Even before the new rule was finalized, the DOL was on the hunt for employee misclassifications. One skilled nursing facility was recently sued by DOL for $19 million after using a staffing agency to provide them with independent contractors. The Independent Contractor Rule is so wide-reaching that every healthcare entity in the US needs to be concerned.

The good news is that help has arrived. Attorney and compliance expert Kelly Holden, JD, is presenting an online training to walk you through every aspect of the new Independent Contractor Rule. During Kelly’s plain English 60-minute training, she’ll cut through the legal jargon and drill down to actionable steps to help ensure your practice complies with this new DOL rule.

By attending this expert-led training, you’ll get easy-to-implement strategies that can help your practice stay on the right side of the new Independent Contractor Rule:

  • Pinpoint which staffers should be “independent contractors” with a clear definition
  • Discover whether utilizing employment agencies can lead to violations under the new rule
  • Identify when you can hire fill-in staff as independent contractors and when you can’t
  • Uncover exactly which benefits you must offer to employees if you want to stay compliant
  • Capture correct staff info to compliantly complete their employee paperwork
  • Easily navigate the DOL rules with simple checklists demonstrating essential details
  • Audit proof your documentation with optimal recordkeeping standards
  • Uncover which of your staff relationships are immune from the latest ruling
  • Cut classification confusion by including specific verbiage in your staff contracts
  • And so much more…

Much like CMS, the Department of Labor has auditors on staff, and they’re just looking for a reason to penalize practices for violating the new Independent Contractor Rule. One staff member misclassification is all it takes before you end up facing criminal penalties and fines.

Why take the risk? Let Kelly help protect your practice from DOL violations by walking you through the nitty-gritty details of the new Independent Contractor Rule and how to ensure your practice complies. Don’t wait, Sign up today!

Meet Your Expert

Kelly Holden
JDHeathcare Lawyer

Kelly Holden has been in private practice for 27 years representing employers of all sizes.  She handled all aspects of employment law including defense of cases in federal and state court as well as numerous federal and state administrative agencies.  She also specialized in immigration matters for employers and did estate planning for families.

She is currently in-house legal counsel for a physician group as well as assisting other clients with employment and healthcare related legal issues.

Kelly is on the Board of Interparish Ministries and the Finance Commission of St. Veronica Church. She graduated from Franklin College in Indiana in 1990 with a B.A. in Journalism and from Chase College of Law in 1996.  She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and four children.