Stop Your Physician Contracts from Violating New OIG Ruling

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Your physician contracts and bonus compensation structures are very likely in violation of a new OIG ruling.

Why? Because a spate of recent legal cases and a brand-new November OIG ruling have focused on which physician contract details and payment structures can violate the law. And if you don’t know what investigators are looking for, it’s easier than ever to include provisions in your provider contracts that can turn into a costly legal nightmare.

Even if you believe your physician contracts fall under a “safe harbor” and aren’t violating any rules, missing just one essential word in your physician bonus offer could open you up to expensive enforcement actions, the latest OIG update indicates.

The good news is that help is here. Attorney and compliance expert Rachel V. Rose, JD, MBA, will walk you through proven strategies to keep your practice’s physician contracts and bonus compensation structures on the right side of this new OIG ruling. Thanks to Rachel’s easy-to-implement how-to tactics, you’ll be able to cut through the legalese and complexities surrounding contracts and payment offers to get the plain English tactics you need to avoid auditor scrutiny.

By attending this expert-led online training, you’ll get practical strategies that will help you keep your physician contracts and compensation structures from resulting in serious legal and financial trouble for your practice:

  • Identify precisely how the new OIG ruling changes your physician contracts
  • Uncover how the OIG’s 2023 ruling impacts pay structure in ASCs, practices, etc.
  • Pinpoint if new laws affect physician employees, locums, contractors
  • Eliminate terminology misinterpretations as kickbacks or self-referrals
  • Evaluate whether safe harbors or exceptions affect your arrangements or not
  • Cut liability with specific verbiage and structures in your contracts
  • Master when you should consult an attorney and when you can go it alone
  • Identify when the terms “volume” and “value” should be avoided at all costs
  • Wipe out common contract red flags that can signal a violation and attract auditors
  • And much, much more!

The OIG regularly digs around into practices just like yours, looking for potential violations. All it takes is simple mistakes on your physician contracts and/or compensation structures to give them just the “in” they’re looking for to target your practice. Why take the risk, particularly in the wake of this new OIG ruling?

Let Rachel help you master the terminology and payment structures you must include in your physician contracts to protect your practice from violating this new OIG ruling. Don’t wait, register today!

Meet Your Expert

Rachel V. Rose
JD, MBA Attorney, Law, PLLC.

Rachel successfully advises and represents clients on healthcare, cybersecurity, securities, and qui tam compliance, transactional, litigation, and government enforcement matters. Ms. Rose is also an Affiliated Member with the Baylor College of Medicine’s Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy, where she teaches bioethics. She has served as a consultative expert and testifying expert, as well as being often quoted in publications.

In addition to being extensively published and a sought-after presenter and quoted expert, Ms. Rose holds an MBA with minors in healthcare and entrepreneurship from Vanderbilt University, and a law degree from Stetson University College of Law, where she graduated with various honors, including the National Scribes Award. Ms. Rose also attained a Certificate in Negotiation and Leadership from Harvard University.

Ms. Rose is licensed in Texas and is a Fellow of the Federal Bar Association. Currently, she serves as a Director on the FBA’s National Board, is a Member of and the Immediate Past Chair of the Federal Bar Association’s Government Relations Committee, an Advisory Board member of the Federal Bar Association’s Qui Tam Section, the co-editor of the American Health Lawyers Association’s Enterprise Risk Management Handbook for Healthcare Entities (2nd Edition), as well as a co-author of the ABA’s books The ABCs of ACOs and What Are International HIPAA Considerations? She is extensively published and presents on a variety of matters related to her practice.

She has been named consecutively to the Texas Bar College, the National Women Trial Lawyers Association’s Top 25, Houstonia Magazine’s Top Lawyers (healthcare), the National Trial Lawyers Association’s Top 100 and The Nation’s Top One Percent. Ms. Rose was awarded 1st Healthcare Compliance’s 2019 and 2022 Top Presenter Award. In 2023, she was selected for Super Lawyers (healthcare).