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Arlene Switzer Steinfield

Principal of Steinfield Employment Law, PLLC

Meet Your Expert

Arlene Switzer Steinfield, JD, is the principal of Steinfield Employment Law, PLLC. She has over 43 years of experience representing employers in all facets of labor and employment law. For the past few years, she has focused on representing healthcare practices in various states throughout the country. As such, Ms. Steinfield fully comprehends the unique challenges of employment law compliance.

She is a nationally recognized expert and the current Vice President and incoming President of the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers, which is a by-invitation-only organization recognizing those who have distinguished themselves in the field. Ms. Steinfield is a prolific author and speaker on a wide array of subjects in labor and employment law who prides herself on providing practical advice and offering creative solutions to employers faced with workplace challenges.