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Lester J. Perling


Meet Your Expert

Before practicing law, Lester worked for 10 years as a Hospital COO/CEO giving him a unique perspective when helping his healthcare clients. He is certified in Health Care compliance and Board Certified in Health Law by The Florida Bar. Lester has 27 years of practicing health law and white collar civil and criminal fraud defense, and he has helped clients of all types respond to hundreds of audit requests, subpoenas, and other healthcare legal processes

Training Sessions by Lester J. Perling

  • Subpoena Response

    Subpoenas are never welcome documents at your medical practice. Especially considering that even a simple mistake in your subpoena response could land you in a never-ending maze of legal challenges. Dealing with requests for your medical, HR or disability records can eat up hours of your time and cost you thousands if not handled correctly. Making the issue even murkier […]

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  • Patient Medical Records

    Managing patient medical records is a financial and legal minefield. All it takes is a simple mistake, and you can be hit with a lawsuit and penalties that can be a nightmare for your practice. Bottomline, there are a million ways to get it wrong. However, if you can get a handle on the top three risk areas when managing […]

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  • Release of Medical Records

    Knowing when, how and to whom you authorize the release of medical records is like playing roulette. All it takes is one wrong decision or an innocent mistake to expose your practice to traumatic legal charges and expensive penalties. Making things even more confusing, requests for medical records come from various sources: patients, attorneys, the courts, custodial and noncustodial parents, […]

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