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Michael R. Lowe

Managing Partner of Lowe & Evander, P.A.

Meet Your Expert

Michael is board certified in health care law by The Florida Bar. As Managing Partner of Lowe & Evander, P.A., his practice focuses on all aspects of business, corporate, transactional, litigation, regulatory, operational, and administrative matters in the health care law arena.

Emphasizing the representation of physicians and physician group practices, Michael regularly represents clients in litigation, medical records, and HIPAA privacy regulations issues, managed care contracting and reimbursement matters, the preparation, review, and negotiation of physician employment agreements, Medicare/Medicaid fraud and abuse prevention, federal Stark Law matters and analysis, defense and reimbursement issues, ACA matters, medical staff privilege cases, professional licensure and disciplinary actions, voluntary self-disclosure cases, physician-hospital contracts, compliance plan development, and health care regulatory analysis and counseling matters.

Michael’s practice areas also include the representation of hospital medical staff, IPAs, ambulatory surgery centers, durable medical equipment providers, diagnostic imaging centers, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other health care professionals and providers.

Training Sessions by Michael R. Lowe

  • Managed care contracts

    Negotiating managed care contracts may make you feel like you’re talking to a brick wall. Unfortunately, insurers want you to feel that way, because if they stonewall you, the odds that you’ll simply sign whichever documents they put in front of you increase exponentially. Your best bet for negotiating contract terms that will work in your favor is to recognize […]

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  • managed care contracts
    Mar 28, 2024 - 1:00 ET

    You have more control over the terms of your managed care contracts than you realize (including how much reimbursement you receive). Managed Care Contract Language It doesn’t matter if you’re negotiating with a payer for the first time, or trying to modify an existing agreement, it all comes down to the same thing – the language in your contract. Remember, […]

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  • Release of Medical Records

    Letting your guard down, even for a second, when responding to a subpoena for the release of medical records can have dire consequences for your practice. There are some subpoenas you should never respond to, some that limit the patient information you can send, and others that require you to submit everything requested. Not responding at all really isn’t an […]

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