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Boost Practice Success with COVID-19 Practical Game Plan

With school openings, influenza coming, and coronavirus vaccine glimpses, your practice has a lot to handle during the Autumn months and into 2021.

Planning your best approach and encouraging your employees to stay strong through the fall is even TOUGHER than usual. But there are specific staff engagement and practice funding actions that you can put in place that will build a more solid practice. If you know how …

This is where practice management consultant and trainer, Owen Dahl, MBA, LFACHE, CHBC, LSSMBB, can help. During a 60-minute complimentary online training session, Owen will give you step-by-step advice to create a monthly action plan that will drive you and your staff forward.

Here are just a sample of the strategies and tips to manage COVID-19 chaos that this session will cover:

  • Proven process to tackle top challenges of today, next month, Flu season, and next year
  • Management tactics that handle COVID-19 related stress and childcare issues
  • Implement a financial plan including funding, cash flow and your 2021 budget for a clearer outlook
  • Practical techniques to identify when to strategically hire new staff and reboot recruiting efforts
  • Expert communication actions that head off patient frustration and complaints
  • Pin down skills and roles gaps to deliver critical responsibilities and future goals
  • Engagement steps that manage and support staff confronting post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Be sure to have enough PPE by forecasting supply needs now
  • And much more …

Who should watch? If you run a practice, regardless of its size, specialty or location, this expert-led, complimentary online training session is for you. What you learn from this training will benefit your providers, staff, and your patients by helping you better manage your practice through the next phases of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Owen Dahl, MBA, LFACHE, CHBC, LSSMBB – Practice Management Consultant and Trainer
60 Minutes