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MDM Made Easy: 2021 E/M Quick Reference Tool

In 2021, how you calculate your E/M level has been uprooted.

You can either track time to help you choose the correct code, or determine the Medical Decision Making (MDM) Element level. And while time-based coding is more straightforward, you’ll be cheating yourself out of higher-level visits (and their reimbursement) if you rely on time alone.

This means that accurately determining your MDM Element level is more important than ever. Code a lower level of service than you are allowed, and you will leave thousands of dollars on the table uncollected. The opposite is also true. If you calculate levels too high, you could land on auditors’ radars (which you certainly don’t want).

So, what’s the best way to calculate your MDM? Download the MDM Made Easy:  2021 E/M Quick Reference Tool to help you choose the Element level that is the most accurate (can get you paid more of what you deserve).

This ready-to-go sample pinpoints the rules you must follow, addresses your staff’s concerns and sets clear expectations. You’ll have the language you need to communicate and implement your policy much more easily and faster.

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