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Free Webinar: Prevent New Manager Mistakes to Avoid Practice Disasters

Hiring (or promoting) a new manager at your practice can feel like a blessing and a curse. Sure, you need the help, but training a new manager takes additional time that you don’t have.

Unfortunately, there is no way around it. For your new manager to succeed, they need training. And simply relying on their natural ability to lead can quickly result in disastrous consequences for your practice ranging from in-heightened office drama to losing experienced staff.

But there are ways you can mitigate the risk a new manager brings to your practice – without eating up hours and hours of your limited time or breaking the bank.

This is where new management training expert Don Phin, Esq., can help. Don is presenting a 60-minute complimentary training to provide new managers with the skills they need to succeed. This online training will help your new manager master the core skills necessary to tackle the day-to-day challenges of management in a practice setting more successfully – and save your valuable time.

Here are just a few of the proven new manager skills that Don will share during his online session:

  • Pin down your new manager responsibilities to improve productivity & results
  • Master team-building strategies based on individual staff personalities
  • Avoid high staff turnover due to new manager conflict
  • Create actionable performance/time management benchmarks and adhere to them
  • Develop planning checklists so the manager can ensure your staff says happy
  • Tap into emotional intelligence techniques to help decision-making
  • Identify and eliminate common new manager insecurities to instill confidence
  • Face up to areas of improvement and use them to your advantage
  • Head off the most frequent new manager mistakes before disaster strikes
  • Stop office drama before it starts with proven communication tactics
  • And much, much more…

Who Should Attend? Whether your new manager is a recent addition to your practice, or they were promoted from within, this training is a must attend. Its valuable lessons will benefit new managers, team leaders, and department managers. It will also be beneficial to seasoned managers that are looking to up their game.

A new manager can either make your life easier, or bring drama, dissent, and discord to your practice.  In fact, poor management is the top cause of employee turnover, and replacing fully trained staff will cost you twice their annual salary.

Why risk it? Your best bet is to sign your new managers up for this no-cost online training so they can tap into Don’s decades of leadership and management expertise. Register today!


*This session is approved for 1.0 CEU from PAHCOM.

Webinar Reviews:

“I thought it was great. Learned a lot. The speaker was very clear, provided great information and covered lots of topics.”
– Jamie Rosatto, Teche Action Clinic

“Great webinar with effective Q & A session afterwards. Provided additional resources for further management development.”
– Eileen Shoemake, Clinical Coordinator, Georgia Dermatology Partners

“Exceptional leadership, perspectives and concepts discussed!”
– James Vassey, Bridgeway Behavioral Health Services

“I thought it was excellent! The topics and ideas shared as well as the resources which were made available and easily accessible.”
– Maria Walker, Director of Case Management Services, Connections of Health

“It was awesome! I truly appreciated having the handouts available before the webinar so I would know what to expect. ”
– Rukeitha Williams, Office Manager, Light Counseling

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