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Free Webinar: Plug Up Revenue Leaks to Achieve a 99% Clean Claims Rate

Whether you think it’s true or not, your practice is missing out on thousands in uncollected reimbursements due to leaks in your revenue cycle management processes.

Every missed pre-authorization call, uncollected deductible, and overlooked filing deadline costs your practice money, adding to massive losses – FAST. In fact, US practices leave $125 billion uncollected each year – but this doesn’t have to include you.

No matter how much money your practice is leaving on the table each day, there are ways to get it back. However, to be effective and plug revenue cycle holes, you must include your entire practice team, from your front desk to the back office. The challenge is knowing how.

During this FREE online training, practice management expert Owen Dahl, LFACHE, CHBC, LSSMBB, will show you how. Over the course of his one-hour online event, Owen will walk you through the process of identifying revenue leaks in your practice, and EXACTLY how to “plug them up” so your practice can collect more of the revenue you are due.

Here are just a few of the easy-to-implement revenue cycle management strategies you’ll receive by attending this 60-minute online training session:

  • Identify little-known holes in your revenue cycle process, and plug them up
  • Pin down your practice’s key performance indicators to reveal revenue leaks
  • Head off the gaps, blockades and redundancies that are causing your practice to bleed cash
  • Implement a staff training process that addresses every step in the collection cycle
  • Pinpoint and resolve at least three financial leaks to get paid more
  • Calculate how much your practice is losing—and how to reverse the losses
  • Differentiate an effective financial policy from one that is costing you money
  • Uncover unnecessary paperwork and procedures to stop wasting time
  • Utilize timing trends to improve collection odds and ethically optimize cash
  • Craft an effective front desk script and get more patients to pay before they leave
  • And much more!

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. This expert-led online training is being presented at no cost to you. And in return, you have the opportunity to significantly improve the reimbursement your practice receives. This training will help you overturn more denials, get more appeals approved, and collect additional deductibles—if you know how. And this 60-minute online training event is the answer.

You can achieve a 99% clean claims rate by implementing the tools and strategies you’ll receive from this expert-led online training. Don’t wait—sign up for this no-cost, limited-access training today.


Webinar Reviews:

“The speaker provided great information. This was one of the best webinars I’ve ever attended!”
– Jessica Scott, Billing Manager, Palouse Specialty Physicians

“The webinar was very informative and guided the staff on questions of claims, payment plans, and revenue cycles. ”
– Tanya Cribbs, Pain Clinic of North Carolina

“The presenter was very knowledgeable and I thought the webinar was great. I would definitely recommend!”
– Gail Impemba

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