10 Expert Tips to Fire a Patient the Right Way: Free Infographic and Sample Termination Letter

Terminating a relationship with a patient is so much more complicated than simply saying “you’re fired” (no matter how tempting it may be).

Incorrectly ending a physician-patient relationship can trigger costly patient abandonment consequences (in both time and money). There are a variety of circumstances (including dismissing a patient) when they can feel neglected, discarded and discriminated against. In turn, this can drive them to accuse you of abandonment, which opens you up to a legal and financial nightmare.

But, with a little help, you CAN end a patient relationship without the worry of getting accused of wrongdoing, dealing with financial penalties and the stress of defending your actions. Don’t risk exposing yourself to significant legal, financial and emotional distress when it comes to “firing” a patient. Follow these 10 expert steps and protect yourself and your practice today.

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