Free Tool: Quantify Revenue Drain with Patient
No-Show Calculator

Regardless of your specialty, location or patient population, no-shows and late cancels are a costly nightmare. They can lead to revenue losses for your practice of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year – not to mention the management, scheduling, and patient care challenges they cause.

Find out if the amount you’re losing on patient no-shows warrants your 2020 focus. Download this user-friendly No-Show Calculator tool right now, and simply enter your scheduling details to find out the impact they are having on your practice.

Patient no-shows and late cancellations are a chronic problem. A variety of sources report that they cost US physician practices approximately $150 BILLION a year. But you can reduce your losses, and this tool can help paint an accurate picture of where you stand today in regards to your no-shows and cancels, and their impact on your revenue.

Simply fill out the form below. There is no cost to you whatsoever, and your free tool will be available for download immediately.

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