2-Part Modifier 59 Coding Pack

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Modifier 59: Webinar on Jan 29th

Consistent misuse and abuse of modifier 59 has put it on the Office of the Inspector General’s active radar. Meaning they are just waiting for you to slip up. Sub-modifiers XE, XS, XP, XU and varying carrier…


Modifier 59: Executive Report

If you’ve been paid for claims that are found to have modifier 59 applied incorrectly, you’ll be expected to give that money back. And if that leads to a full scale audit of your modifier 59 claims...


  • Your 2-Part Modifier 59 Coding Pack includes these 2 MUST-HAVE Resources:
    The misuse of modifier 59 is at the top of the Office of the Inspector General’s radar. Why? CMS estimates modifier 59 error rates have resulted in Medicare overpaying over $300 million for physician claims.

    You can learn how to utilize modifier 59 and the X modifiers more accurately to avoid getting audited, stop recoupments and head off significant penalties with the 2-Part Modifier 59 Coding Pack. With the step-by-step guidance you’ll receive, you will have everything you need to protect your practice from audits and hefty fines.

    CEUs: This 2-part coding pack meets AAPC guidelines for 2.0 CEUs. On Demand product requires successful completion of a PostTest for continuing education units.

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    On-Demand Online Training

    Modifier 59: Stop Misuse and Avoid Costly Penalties

    Available Immediately

    order the On- demand version and listen to it at your convenience. 

    If you’re found to be using modifier 59 erroneously, the reimbursements you received for those services will be taken back by CMS. And if that leads to a full-scale audit of your modifier 59 claims, you could also have to pay $10,000 for EACH time you submit it incorrectly on a claim.

    Your only defense is to take action by completing this modifier 59 online training by national coding expert Dawn R. Cloud, CPC. You’ll receive the tools you need to finally get a firm handle on complying with modifier 59 guidelines – including its sub-modifiers XE, XS, XP and XU.

    Here are just a few of the practical, step-by-step modifier 59 strategies you’ll receive by taking advantage of this 60-minute online training session:

    • Never mix up modifiers 59, 51 (Multiple Procedures) and 50 (Bilateral Procedures) again
    • Audit proof documentation phrases to justify your use of the 59 sub-modifiers
    • Reduce denials by accurately incorporating the 2019 CCI edits for proper use of Modifier 59
    • Don’t allow E/M services and modifier 25 to confuse correct modifier 59 usage
    • Decipher Correct Coding Edits (CCI) 0, 1 and 9 as a key to unlock correct modifier application
    • Maximize reimbursement with usage strategies for sub-modifiers XE, XS, XP, XU
    • Correctly apply modifiers in the right order and to the right codes to get paid accurately And so much more…

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    Expert Report

    New Modifier 59: 2019 Expert Report

    Format: Available in downloadable PDF or printed hard copy. 

    This expert report, Modifier 59: Reduce Denials, Head Off Audits and Get Paid More for Your Multiple Procedures, will help you get a firm handle on complying with modifier 59 guidelines – including the four new sub-modifiers – XE, XS, XP and XU.

    Expert Testimonials

    “If you are going to submit even one claim with modifier 59 this year this special report is a must for your office. It takes this tricky modifier and breaks it down into plain English so you can submit it correctly the first time.” Kim Garner-Huey – MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO

    “An excellent simplification of a confusing problem.” Maxine Lewis, CMM, CPC, CPC-I, CPMA, CCS-P

    WARNING: You may think that if you don’t bill Medicare you don’t have to worry about this, but think again. Although this specific to Medicare – private insurers are quickly following suit.

    Who Will Benefit: Most medical specialties, Administrators/Practice Managers, Coders/Billers, Appeal Specialists, Compliance Professionals, Auditors, HIM Professionals, Providers (MD, DO, NP, PA, DPM, DC, etc.), and anyone that wants to improve payments for multiple procedures.

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Meet Your Experts

Kim Huey
MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCOKGG Coding and Reimbursement Consulting, LLC

Kim is an independent coding and reimbursement consultant, providing audit, training and oversight of coding and reimbursement functions for physicians. Kim completed three years of pre-medical education at the University of Alabama before she decided that she preferred the business side of medicine.

She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management and went on to obtain certification through the American Academy of Professional Coders and the American Health Information Management Association.

Recognizing the important position of compliance in today’s world, she has also obtained certification as a Certified Healthcare Compliance Consultant and a Certified Healthcare Audit Professional. Kim is also an AHIMA-approved ICD-10-CM trainer and has recently earned a Master of Jurisprudence in Health Law.

For over twenty-five years, Kim has worked with providers in virtually all specialties, from General Surgery to Obstetrics/Gynecology to Oncology to Internal Medicine and beyond. She has spoken at the national conference for numerous organizations.

Dawn R. Cloud
CPC, CMSCS, CHCI, CPDMCertified Professional Coder

Dawn has 32 years’ experience in the Medical Industry. She is a Certified Professional Coder through AAPC since 1999. She is the Co-founder of the East Valley Chapter for AAPC in AZ. She has been published in multiple magazine and news articles. Her current role is working in Regulatory Research for one of the large Healthcare Facilities in Phoenix.

In this role she is constantly researching all regulations and guidelines that may affect our industry. She also has a consulting firm where she works teaching Coding Compliance, billing, and regulations for Specialists. Her specialties cover the gamut of medicine and surgery