Proven Emergency Preparedness Training for Active Shooter and Armed Intruder in Healthcare Practices


Unfortunately, your medical practice is not immune to gun violence, and closing your eyes and hoping it never happens to you is NOT the answer. Obviously, you can’t stop random acts of violence, but being prepared and knowing how to respond to an active shooter or armed intruder event is the key to survival—and survival is no accident.

The way to ensure you’re prepared is to include active shooter and armed intruder scenario guidelines to your Emergency Preparedness Compliance Plan. Considering you’re dealing with life and death, tackling this on your own, really isn’t an option.

That’s where national healthcare safety, security, and risk management expert, Steve Wilder, BA, CHSP, STS, can help. For the last 32 years, Steve has helped healthcare professionals protect themselves, their patients and their coworkers.  During his 90-minute online training session, you’ll learn exactly how to improve your chances of survival should you ever end up in an active shooter or armed intruder situation.

Here are just a few of the proven, practical, realistic active shooter and armed intruder protection strategies you’ll receive by viewing this 90-minute online training:

  • Ensure compliance by incorporating all 4 of CMS’s Emergency Preparedness revised standards
  • Learn The 4 Outs method so your staff can protect themselves during an active shooter event
  • Accurately evaluate whether your staff and providers are really ready for a shooting emergency
  • Identify and recognize the different types of active shooter events
  • Successfully incorporate an active shooter event response into your emergency preparedness plan
  • And so much more…

Who should view: Physicians, NPPs, Nurses, Practice Managers, Safety Managers, Compliance Managers, and Front Desk Managers and Staff located in medical practices, clinics, hospitals, LTC facilities, dental practices, ASCs, SNFs, etc.

Already this year there have been numerous active shooter events at medical practices and clinics across the country.  Just a few include a man fatally shooting a receptionist at a KY clinic (Feb. 15); a husband fatally shooting his wife while she worked at an AL internal medicine office (April 14); an angry, previously terminated employee fires a shotgun at a physician at his NY office (June 6). These are real cases, in real medical practices in locations just like yours.

This presentation was developed by a team of law enforcement/SWAT officers and healthcare security professionals. By completing, you’ll learn proven strategies to combat the unique challenges that accompany an active shooter or armed intruder in a healthcare setting.

These traumatic events are devastating to clinicians, employees and patients alike. Improve your chances of surviving should you end up in one. The best course of action is to hope for the best and plan for the worst. So, don’t wait, order this one-of-a-kind healthcare-specific emergency preparedness training today.

Meet Your Expert

Steven S. Wilder
BA, CHSP, STSPresident, Sorensen, Wilder & Associates

Steve has spent the past 32 years in healthcare safety, security, and risk management. He has provided consultation services to hundreds of clients, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, homecare agencies, clinics, physician practices, and pre-hospital/EMS services, as well as trained thousands of workers in workplace safety and security.

An experienced trial expert, Steve regularly consults for law firms and insurance companies on matters of safety, security, and risk management. He has become a nationally recognized subject matter expert in active shooter preparedness and response, and works with over 300 clients in 44 states.

Steve has previously been a Risk Manager/Safety & Security Director for a hospital, Corporate Risk / Safety Officer for a long-term care facilities, and Corporate Director of Safety/Security for a major healthcare system with nine hospitals and fifteen long term care facilities.

In addition to his regular contributions to healthcare magazines, Wilder co-authored the book The Essentials of Aggression Management in Healthcare: From Talkdown to Takedown.

Steve proudly served on the Illinois School Security and Standards Task Force as the only professional security consultant on that task force, appointed by the Governor of the State of Illinois.