Annual Training Subscription
Online Training for Your Entire Team

Length: 12 Months CEU: AAPC-approved CEUs granted with many online trainings

Multi-Location Subscription

$4,997.00 for 1 year

National Experts Help You Keep ALL Your Practice Locations Compliant and Running Smoothly with Nearly 200 Online Targeted Trainings. 

You and your entire team will receive immediate access to nearly 200 expert-led, how-to trainings to ensure you have the most up-to-the-minute guidance necessary on critical topics such as: coding and billing accuracy, denials, complex HIPAA guidelines, provider enrollment and credentialing, carrier contracts, emergency preparedness, front desk customer service and collections, firing patients, and so much more.

For just one low price, you can train your ENTIRE team at ALL your locations. All training sessions can be viewed an unlimited number of times for a year from the date you sign up. 

Here are several of the key benefits you will get with your subscription:  

Proven, Actionable Advice  

Each training you attend will provide you with step-by-step, actionable advice you can use right away. You’ll never waste your time attending and learning about topics that might happen in the future.  Each training will provide you with practical, how-to advice that you can use immediately.  

Audit-Proof Your Practice 

Each year the number of payor and government audits of practices just like yours are increasing.  Hopefully, your practice will never get audited. But if you are, the expert advice you’ll receive from your Unlimited Access plan will help you be better prepared when the auditors walk in the door. 

Stay Ahead of Regulatory Changes  

Stop worrying about missing important regulatory changes that could lead to crippling financial and legal consequences. Your Unlimited Access plan will guarantee you access to over 90 new, hot-topic sessions that will walk you through exactly how to comply with the latest regulatory change.   

Proven Advice from Leading National Experts 

Each training is presented by a leading national expert that’s been thoroughly vetted to ensure they have the skill to break down complex topics into easily digestible, actionable advice. Healthcare Training Leader presenters not only have expertise in the complexities of the subject being taught, but they are also skilled educators. 

The great thing about an Unlimited Access subscription is that it is really UNLIMITED.  You and your entire team can watch any available training as many times as you need. 

It’s as simple as that. Sign Up Today