Head Off COVID-19 Reduced Cash Flow with Remote Coders & Billers

Length: 60 minutes

During the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring your practice’s coders and billers to work off site seems like the socially responsible thing to do. BUT, how do you make sure they don’t put your practice at increased financial and legal risk.

The good news is that there are proven safeguards you can put into place that will help your coders and billers work more successfully, productively, and compliantly from home EVERY DAY.

With a few proven changes to your current processes, you can effectively transition these key positions off site with very little, as long as you get it right.

This is where nationally-recognized coding and compliance expert, Alicia Shickle AHFI, CHC, CPCO, CPC, CPMA, CPPM, CRC, can help.

During her upcoming, 60-minute online training on Wednesday, April 29th at 1 pm ET, you’ll receive proven, step-by-step strategies that will help you successfully transition your coders and billers to work from home, and ensure they meet your expectations without putting your practice at risk.

Here are just a few of the proven tactics you’ll receive by attending this upcoming 60-minute online training that will help you more easily and successfully transition your coders and billers to work remotely:

  • Effectively use daily quotas to speed claims processing and support steady cashflow
  • Prevent home connections from leading to costly data breach violations
  • Establish easy-to-manage quality-control audit protocols to head off underpayments
  • Implement remote working policies that reduce HR headaches
  • Ensure timely claims processing with simple EOBs productivity tracking tool
  • Get off-site billers to exceed your current appeal rate to get more claims paid
  • Quickly identify high-risk storage processes and top massive breach fines
  • And so much more …

Who Should Attend This Training: Practices that are both considering transitioning their coders and billers to work remotely, and those that have already made the change will benefit from this upcoming online training session. The expert tactics provided will help ensure your claims are processed effectively, at minimal risk to your practice and its bottom line.

Don’t end up scrambling to figure out how to have your coders and billers work off site effectively. By implementing the proven strategies you’ll learn during this upcoming online training, you’ll not only slow down the spread of this highly-infectious virus, you’ll also head off reduced cash flow due to your coders and billers having to stay home due to school closures and other disruptions of their childcare arrangements.

Don’t be one of those practices whose claims stop due to ill and absent workers. You can maintain a strong billing department – offsite.

Sign up for this expert-led online training and learn how to successfully move your billing staff to remote work while boosting your bottom line and avoiding compliance disasters.

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