Stop Massive Penalties from Most Common Billing Errors


Even the simplest billing error can cost you thousands. For instance, one false claim — even unintentional — can mean a fine of three times the claim’s loss plus $11,000 per claim. And that’s just the fines. Other penalties include jail time and exclusion from Federal programs (including Medicare).

If you think this can’t happen to you, think again. Honest practices (and billers) get hit with massive fines and penalties every day. Remember, serious/consistent billing errors and allegations of fraud can’t be resolved by just apologizing. But there is something you can do that will significantly reduce your chances of being targeted for an audit and dealing with the serious consequences.

Plus, Medicare is not the only one watching you. Private payers are in on the act as well, and you can bet that they want to capture every available dollar possible.

During this 60-minute online training, nationally-recognized billing expert, Catrena Smith, CCS, CCS-P, CPCO, CPC, CIC, CPC-I, CRC, CHTS-PW, AAPC Fellow, will provide you with the specific tools and strategies you need to guard yourself against the most common billing errors and the significant fines and penalties that accompany them. During her 60-minute online webinar, Catrena will walk you through how to not only recognize these billing errors, but also how to head them off before they get you into trouble.

Here are just a few of the proven strategies  you’ll receive during her 60-minute training:

  • Recognize when you can … and can’t … waive co-pays.
  • Quickly identify when Medicare is a secondary payer and how that affects your claims.
  • Nail down more accurate patient information at registration – easier and faster.
  • Speedy reconciliation tactics so you can reconcile everyday … yes, every day.
  • Overcome failed medical necessity edits more quickly and head off penalties
  • Pin down specifically when modifier 59 (and the X modifiers) will get you audited
  • Uncover modifier 25 usage tactics that get you paid more accurately and quickly
  • Uncover those system alerts that are most important for timely filing.
  • Knock the duplicate claims out of your system and remove denial dangers.
  • Balance billing protocols — it’s not always improper, and you’ll learn when it’s OK.
  • And so much more!

Remember, if you’re found guilty of fraud, claiming that you didn’t know won’t help. That just won’t hold water under the law. If the payer can show that you “should have known,” then they can hold your feet to the fire and you financially responsible for the fines and penalties that follow.

Let Catrena help you ensure your practice is prepared and protected by taking advantage of her years of billing knowledge and experience by attending this upcoming online training. Take your organization out of federal and private payer crosshairs with her straightforward, plain-English advice to avoid these everyday billing pitfalls.

Meet Your Expert

Catrena Smith
CCS, CCS-P, CHTS-PW, CPC-I, CPCPresident, Access Quality Coding & Consulting

With over 17 years’ experience in the Health Information Management Industry, Catrena is a nationally recognized speaker and has published numerous articles in professional journals and magazines. She has served in many roles such as coding specialist, coding auditor, coding trainer, medical records technician, and coding manager.

She is a former AAPC Local Chapter President, serves as a HIM student/new graduate mentor for multiple organizations and has served as an Advisory Committee member of a local college for several years. Catrena prides herself in helping to grow the next generation of health information management professionals.


Was very informational.
Debi Binegar
Billing and Coding Specialist, Doctors Approach Dermatology
We enjoyed the webinar - great info.
Nikki Palmer
Director of Billing Services, Oklahoma Sports & Orthopedics Insitute
The slides were very informative.
Daisy Vazquez