2021 OSHA Rule Changes: Head Off COVID-19 Violation Penalties

Length: 90 Minutes Expert: Matthew Deffebach, JD

OSHA’s new 2021 COVID-19 rules are no joke. The Agency has already collected $4 million in COVID-19 compliance violation penalties from healthcare practices just like yours.COVID-19 OSHA fines 2021 updates.

Failure to comply with this new laundry-list of enforcement guidelines can result in $14,000 in penalties PER INCIDENT, which can quickly add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for your practice. To avoid this, you must immediately implement the new OSHA rules, and ensure that they are consistently adhered to.

Thankfully, you don’t have to figure this out on your own. OSHA attorney and expert, Matthew Deffebach, JD, can help. Matthew will break down the new OSHA rules into easily digestible pieces, walk you through how to implement them, and ensure your ongoing compliance. This is the ONLY WAY to protect your practice from compliance breaches and avoid related OSHA violation penalties.

By attending this 90-minute online training, you’ll receive expert compliance tactics to help your practice adhere to the new OSHA regulations. Here is just some of what you’ll receive during this online training:

  • Appoint a COVID-19 Enforcement Officer from your staff and spell out required processes
  • Document to protect against an employee complaint-driven OSHA investigation
  • Identify violations before they become a problem with a proven hazard assessment tool
  • Prioritize your safety controls to comply with new OSHA enforcement rules
  • Execute an audit-proof incident log and reporting protocols for COVID-19 cases
  • Implement compliant safety policies that safeguard your employees, patients and practice
  • Documentation tactics to keep your practice from getting sued due to a compliance breach
  • Head off HIPAA violations and penalties due to unsecured COVID-19 data
  • Prevent a Rapid Response Investigation (RRI) due to an employee complaint
  • Avoid getting caught between state and federal OSHA compliance requirements
  • Shield your practice from OSHA Investigations due to patient complaints
  • Implement compliant self-reporting processes that protect your practice and staff
  • And so much more…

IMPORTANT: Although your practice has always been responsible for complying with OSHA guidelines, getting hit with a violation penalty was almost unheard of for healthcare practices. Well, all that has changed with COVID-19. Failure to comply with the new 2021 OSHA rule will result in very real financial penalties. Don’t risk it, sign up for this online training today.

The new OSHA compliance rules are extensive. They require that you make specific and detailed changes to your staff training, employee and patient communications, and COVID-19 reporting. Your office must be spot on with each and every rule or you’ll be left to face the financial consequences. This online training is the answer.

After attending this expert-led, online training you’ll be able to confidently comply with the new 2021 OSHA rules and avoid any chance of being hit with a substantial violation penalty.

D-19 OSHA fines 2021 updates.

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Meet Your Expert

Matthew Deffebach
JDPartner at Haynes and Boone

Matthew Deffebach, JD is a partner at Haynes and Boone and is the chair of the firm’s OSHA and Workplace Disasters Practice Group. He assists healthcare clients to implement preventative measures to minimize OSHA claims and reduce their exposure to litigation. Matt is board certified in labor and employment law.

As an OSHA litigator, Matt has appeared in more than 30 states handling OSHA matters. He is familiar with both state and Federal OSHA program requirements. He has also successfully defended clients in OSHA administrative trials, including recent trials on PPE, Recordkeeping, and other regulatory matters.

In 2010, Law360 by Portfolio Media, Inc. named him a “Rising Star” and one of ten employment lawyers under 40 to watch. Thereafter, he received the 2013 International Law Office (ILO) and Lexology Client Choice award as the sole recipient in the Employment and Labor category in Texas. He has been recognized by Benchmark Litigation (Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC) as a “Labor & Employment Star – South (2019-2021) and a Labor & Employment Star – West (2019).


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