Get Cash Flowing & Your Practice Up to Speed More Quickly

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Debra O'Shea, CMPE

Your patients are not the only ones that need to recover after COVID-19.

We are all looking forward to getting back to normal, including your practice, but it’s not going to be a light switch. The actions you take over the next few weeks will make the difference between a speedy, smooth recovery for your practice and one that is fraught with needless delays and turbulence.

There are specific actions you can take RIGHT NOW that will help make your practice be more prepared as stay-at-home rules are lifted and your area moves into Phase 1 of recovery. You can choose to spend hours researching and reading online how to get your practice back up to speed more successfully, or you can get what you need in 60 minutes from practice management expert, Debra O’Shea, CMPE, MBA.

On Thursday, May 21st at 1pm ET, Debra will present a 60-minute online presentation that will spell out exactly how you can get your practice up to full speed faster, easier, and more successfully than you thought possible. You’ll also get a breakdown of the obstacles you’ll likely face during the reentry process phases and how to be prepared to overcome them should they occur.

Here are just a few of the actionable, nitty-gritty post-COVID practice reentry strategies you’ll receive by attending this upcoming online training:

  • Ease patient concerns and get them to come in for preventive visits once allowed
  • Ensure you’re staffed-up and ready for patients when they walk in the door
  • Engage patients now so they are ready to return when it is time
  • Restart steady cashflow with proven scheduling and staffing strategies
  • Patient scheduling strategies to see more patients AND avoid virus spread
  • Get your staff’s buy-in for difficult reentry transitions to keep morale and care quality high
  • Transition to the right mix of telehealth visits post COVID-19
  • And so much more…

Who should Attend? This expert-led online training session is perfect for everyone in your practice who will be involved with making scheduling/operational decisions during the transition of your practice post-COVID-19.

Over the next few months, your practice will most likely go through another round of massive changes. This time, the outcome should be your practice’s recovery. Experts estimate this process will take anywhere from a couple of months to a year. The actions you take now can have a significant impact on a reduction of this timeframe.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to decrease, elective procedures and preventive visits will become a part of your regular day once again. Make sure your practice is really prepared to get up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Don’t wait, sign up for this upcoming online training today.

Meet Your Expert

Debra O'Shea
CMPEPresident and Founder of Epoxy Healthcare

Debra O’Shea is the President and founder of Epoxy Healthcare, a medical practice consultancy firm. She is also the Executive Director of the Illinois Medical Group Management Association and the Michigan Medical Group Management Association.

Prior to founding Epoxy Healthcare, Debra ran one the largest independently operated pediatric practices in the state of Illinois. She led this practice through the transition of two different Electronic Health Record Systems and instituted a multitude of operational, financial and process improvements during her seven-year tenure as Practice Executive and Chief Financial Officer. Debra led the practice through an acquisition by Ann & Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago in 2016 and was instrumental in the practice’s successful integration into the hospital’s administrative structure post acquisition.

Prior to moving into healthcare, Debra specialized in financial transactions in the telecommunications space. She served as the Vice President of Finance and Director of Investor Relations for various publicly traded “dot-com” companies during the 1990s. She also held positions as both a buy-side and sell-side analyst with a number of Chicago-based investment firms.

Combining her strong financial and operational background with executive leadership in the healthcare arena has given Debra a very unique perspective on how to run a successful medical practice.

Debra has an MBA from Loyola University of Chicago and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Boston College.  Debra is a Certified Medical Practice Executive with the American College of Medical Practice Executives.

Debra and her family recently relocated to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, after living in Chicago Illinois for almost 30 years.