Defensible Coding: Protection You Can’t Live Without


You could be doing everything right and still get chosen for an audit. Then it comes down to whether your records are defensible or not. If this happens, something flagged your practice for an audit. And even if it is unfounded, if your records are not ready you could face serious headaches, stiff fines and even future losses.

Do you know what auditors will be looking for when they come into your practice? Are you sure that your records contain everything necessary to avoid violations? If not, Marsha S. Diamond, CPC, CPC-H, CCS, CPMA is here to help. Marsha wants to give you the tools you need to ensure that your records are defensible and your practice is protected should an auditor come knocking on your door.

Here are just some of the key tactics you will walk away with by ordering this information-packed session:

  • Avoid the top code and modifier errors that will get you audited
  • Properly implement signature requirements to avoid paybacks
  • Support medical necessity every time with 5 proven words that are a must to support medical necessity
  • Teach your physicians and NPPs to beef up their defensible documentation, and get them to listen
  • Proven documentation strategies for EHR that will protect you from audit violations
  • Clear-cut steps to know when it’s appropriate to amend medical records, and how to do it correctly
  • Determine what is “pertinent” and defensible coding documentation as it pertains to the “overarching criterion” for Medicare
  • Learn from real coding situations that have stood up to legal scrutiny—and those that haven’t
  • Easy ways to avoid the pitfalls of “cloning” and “copy and paste” in electronic medical records
  • And so much more…

Once you receive an audit notice it could be too late.

Don’t let this happen to you. I urge you to get prepared and protect your practice. Learn how to “read between the lines” while maintaining a coding record that is accurate and defensible against fraud accusations (Medicare and other third party payers). Don’t wait, purchase this session today.

This session is recorded so that you can listen to it at your convenience and still get the proven, practice information on how to ensure you defend your coding should an auditor walk through your door. Don’t wait, order today.

Meet Your Expert

Marsha S. Diamond
CPC, CPC-H, CCS, CPMA Manager, Coding/Compliance, Physician and Outpatient Services, Medical Audit Resource Services, Inc

Marsha has been involved in the medical coding, compliance, billing, healthcare reimbursement, education and management fields for over 30 years.

Her experience encompasses academic medicine, hospital, hospital-based physicians, physicians and facility coding. She is the author of coding textbooks, Mastering Medical Coding, Code Compass, Understanding Hospital Coding and Billing, Coders Resource Handbook, as well as a significant number of coding and compliance-related articles for publications and newsletters.

Ms. Diamond is an Instructor and Department Chair, Health Information Technology in the Central Florida area. She has been a speaker for National AAPC conferences, MGMA, State AHIMA conferences and physician groups as well as various coding publications. Ms. Diamond has served as a past AAPC National Advisory Board member and as Orlando AAPC chapter President for several years.