Head Off Front Desk Complaints and Increase Collections Toolkit


This Toolkit includes 3 Best-Selling Front Desk Online Training Sessions, plus an Expert Report.

  • Your front desk team has the potential to be one of your practice’s greatest sources. They can protect you against HIPAA complaints, improve patient satisfaction and increase your collections – if they have the right tools. Without the right tools and training, your front desk team can easily become your highest risk area. Luckily, everything you need to build a successful front desk team is now at your fingertips…With the proven tools inside the Front Desk Protection Toolkit. The training and tools available in this toolkit are proven to head off HIPAA violations and fines, improve communication and patient satisfactions, and increase the amount your front desk collects. You can get all this, and a $300 discount off the regular price.
  • Your Front Desk Protection Toolkit includes these 4 MUST-HAVE Resources:
    Online Training
    Boost Front Desk Communication SkillsFormat: On-Demand.Providing excellent medical care is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to retaining patients. Your front desk staff must work in tandem with your caregivers for your practice to be successful. The good news is, that with the right training, your front desk team can be your best ally, and nationally recognized medical staff educator, Rhonda Granja, B.S., CMC, CMOM, CMA, CPC, would like to show you how.During her 90-minute training session, she’ll walk you through proven techniques that will help your front-desk team boost your new patient volume, make patients happier when they reach the exam room, head off patient complaints, and so much more:

    • Make a good first impression every time and boost new patient volume fast
    • Maintain positive attitudes/mindsets that translate to improved patient satisfaction
    • Use voice, tone and language to build patient trust and confidence
    • Master active listening and effective questioning to reduce no shows
    • Easily overcome patient frustration caused by appoint delays
    • Meet HIPAA requirements in the reception area and on the phone to avoid hefty violation fines
    • And so much more….

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    Best-Seller 2016 Expert Report: Stop the Most Common Front Desk HIPAA Violations
    Format: PDF Only. 
    You can avoid the HIPAA mistakes that have causes medical practices across the country to be audited and pay massive penalties with a few proven changes.This expert report and editable forms library will arm you with proven, easy-to-use tools and tactics you can put into practice at your front desk immediately. You’ll be able to help your front desk team head off violations before they turn into massive HIPAA nightmares.Here are just a few of the practical solutions you’ll find in this valuable expert report:

    • Never violate routine vs non-routine disclosure requests again
    • Plug information leaks in your check-in process quickly and inexpensively
    • Master problematic information requests with proven training scripts
    • Prevent costly social media disasters
    • And so much more…

    Along with the proven step-by-step tactics you’ll receive in this valuable executive report, you’ll also get unlimited access to an online library of HIPAA-compliant forms and tools.

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    Online Training
    Front Desk Collection and Privacy RequirementsFormat: On-Demand.
    Your front desk is probably losing you money. These collections should account for 20-30% of your overall practice revenue. You may think your team is collecting everything possible, but think again. There is something you can about it….You can dramatically improve your front desk collection rate, increase cash flow and your overall profitability in only 60 minutes. Collections expert, Rhonda Granja, B.S., CMC, CMOM, CMA, CPC, will walk you through these proven collection tactics step-by-step.By completing this 60-minute online training session your front desk will bring in more money than you thought possible. Here are just a few of the specific strategies you’ll be able to put into place:

    • Offer alternative payment options and boost pay up by 20%
    • Stop consumer-directed health plans (CDHPs) from hurting your cash flow
    • Key phrases that push patients to pay when they walk in your door
    • Implement health care gift cards and get paid more per visit
    • Bring in overdue balances with simple to implement processes that really work
    • Incentivize your front desk and significantly reduce your bad debt
    • Master verification of benefits before you bill and increase profitability
    • And so much more…

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    Online Training
    HIPAA: Head Off Front Desk Nightmares 
    Format: On-Demand.Your front desk is an essential first line of defense against HIPAA compliance violations. How your front desk staff handle their everyday duties and interact with your patients can not only cause you to get audited, but they can also lead to hefty penalties and fines you are left to pay – unless you take some action.Here are just a few of the proven protection tactics attendees to this 60-minute, online training session will receive:

    • Dodge discarded patient information violations – even the 10ptest piece of paper matters
    • Stop patient HIPAA complaints in their tracks with proven protocol
    • Halt sticky notes from landing you in legal hot water
    • Protect customer info on your computer screen with simple to follow policy
    • And so much more…

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    Bonus Forms Inside Your Report:

    • Business Associate Agreement
    • Check-in Card
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Front Desk Risk Assessment Checklist
    • Front Desk Secure Station Checklist
    • Head Off Front Desk HIPAA Violations Checklist
    • Medical Records Electronic Transmission Authorization
    • Medical Records Fax Transmission Authorization
    • Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement
    • Notice of Privacy Practices
    • Photo Consent Form
    • Privacy Policy
    • Release of Information Authorization Form
    • Request To Opt-Out Of Using Contracted Insurance
    • Thumb Drive Identification and Tracking Sheet
    • Use of Social Media Policy
    • Workstation Use Policy
    Training Scripts: 
    • Appointment Message Training Script
    • Check-in Training Script
    • Release Form Training Script
  • Rhonda Granja, B.S., CMC, CMOM, CMA, CPCRhonda Granja is a certified professional coder and certified medical assistant. She has been in the medical office profession since 1990, and has extensive experience in every role, from the front desk to the clinical side. Now a medical consultant, she has spent the past several years speaking and writing about protecting offices from HIPAA violations, improving the quality of office teams and ensuring accurate coding and billing for managed care and commercial carriers as well as Medicare and state funded products. Rhonda has a wealth of experience and her passion for speaking tends to get attendees excited about what they do. Aside from her professional relationships, she makes time to advocate with the non-profit organization, Autism Speaks.