Uncover HIPAA Breaches and Avoid Massive Fines

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Frank Ruelas

Are you positive you can really identify a HIPAA breach?

Unfortunately, it isn’t always black and white, and the very foundation of HIPAA regulations requires that you can. If not, there are also clear regulatory consequences that can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in penalties – and an excuse of “I didn’t know” won’t make them go away.

So, with everything else you have on your plate, how are you supposed to keep an eye on all of the different areas in your practice where HIPAA breaches can occur? Well, that’s where compliance expert, Frank Ruelas, can help. During his 60-minute, online training session, he’ll provide you with proven tactics to identify and correctly take action against HIPAA breaches.

This 60-minute online training will teach you how to identify possible breaches and give you the tools you need to head them off before they become an expensive problem.

Here are just a few of the practical, plain-English HIPAA breach compliance tactics you’ll receive:

  • Get understandable HIPAA breach definitions that let you avoid wasting valuable time in low-risk areas
  • Use the LoProCo model to assess the 4 required breach factors to determine if one really occurred
  • Identify the 60-day window to complete a breach notification to avoid pricey fines for missed deadlines
  • Develop a simple, compliant plan of action should a breach occur
  • Employ the 4 types of “impermissible” activities (access, acquisition, use, disclosure) that can result in a breach
  • Pin down when you do and don’t have to report an incident and when it’s really a breach
  • And so much more…

IMPORTANT: Financial and legal consequences for incorrect management of a HIPAA breach don’t only affect your practice. Any staff that had a role in the breach (even through a mistake), can also be held liable and be left owing huge fines.

In order to comply with HIPAA, you must be able to identify a breach as defined by government regulations, which is just not as easy as it sounds. You must know what you are looking for, and where to look for it. Then, if you find something, you must have a compliant action plan in place. By ordering this online training, you’ll finally be able to more easily understand the most confusing aspects of HIPAA breach regulations and compliance, and know what action to take in order to avoid significant fines and penalties for regulatory violations.

This online training session will provide you with what you need to protect your patients from breaches. It will also help you protect you, your staff and your practice from the aftermath. Don’t wait, order today.

Meet Your Expert

Frank RuelasFacility Compliance Professional, St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center/Dignity Health

Frank is a compliance professional who has become well known for his practical approach to topics and subjects within the compliance arena.

As one of two facility compliance professionals assigned to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona, Frank’s focus is on maintaining the facility’s compliance program while also working to identify any additional risks or factors that may impact the program’s overall effectiveness.

Frank enjoys networking with other compliance professionals as he is a strong advocate of collaboration and its ability to help generate ideas and solutions.


Very well organized.
Perry Hall
Chief Operating Officer, Amarillo Medical Specialists, LLP
Very easy listening and informative. Like the simple approach to factors and impermissible.
Arlene Malloch
Loved the examples of breaches and the LoProCo. Made so much sense. Frank was a great speaker and clarified people's questions. Keep the examples coming. Awesome webinar!
Sue Belford
Privacy & Security Officer, FirstLight Health System
It was excellent.
Darlene Alberts
HIPAA OFFICER, North Bend Medical Center
Excellent use of examples and discussing of said examples.
Pamela Noth
HIPAA Officer, MiraVista Diagnostics