Modifiers: Uncover Unclaimed Revenue

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You CAN make modifiers significantly boost your claims’ payments. Sure, they are confusing and give you a headache, but once you have a handle on then, you’ll watch your revenue soar.

Modifiers help you identify special circumstances where you deserve to be paid more for the services you provide. Without them, you still provide the service, you are just not paid. With just a little expert guidance, you can uncover when and how to make modifiers work for you.

This is where coding and modifier expert, Lee Williams, BSHIM, RHIT, CCS, CCDS, CPC, CPCO, CEMC, CHONC, CRC, can help. During this webinar, Lee will tell you EXACTLY how to recoup the reimbursement you’ve been losing by cutting through modifier confusion. You’ll receive step-by-step answers to your most challenging modifier questions.

Below are just a few of the practical, how-to modifier tactics you’ll receive by attending this 60-minute online training:

  • Modifiers 51 vs. 59: Pick the right one and get paid more of what you deserve
  • Improve accuracy when utilizing modifiers 59 and 22 to avoid triggering an audit
  • Audit proof your modifier 22 claims by clearly defining “substantial” work
  • More quickly and accurately choose between modifiers 25 and 57 every time
  • Avoid getting caught in modifier 25’s violation net
  • Simple tips to accurately apply the correct modifier for unusual procedural services
  • Cut through ABN modifier confusion, and stop providing services for free
  • Alter how you apply modifier 32 for mandated services and watch how it affects your reimbursement
  • Uncover when modifier 52 is the right choice before you’re hit with a denial
  • Don’t let modifier 50, LT, RT and PT leave you waiting for payment
  • Get the inside scoop on using modifiers for multiple procedures, and get more services paid
  • Add “payment” and “information” modifiers in the right order on your claim to speed payments
  • and much more…

IMPORTANT: You are not alone. Modifiers have proven to be consistently problematic over many years. Accordingly, this training will be beneficial to both novice and seasoned coders.

In only 60 minutes, you’ll receive easy-to-use modifier application tactics to help you code more accurately, reduce your denials, and recoup the reimbursement you’ve been losing. You’ll walk away from this training with the tools you need to more accurately identify which modifiers will increase your reimbursement, and which ones cause it to go down. The practical steps you’ll receive are proven to reduce your denials and make your claims’ reimbursement soar.

You can STOP losing revenue from missed billing opportunities due to improper modifier application. Don’t wait, reserve your access to this information-packed training today and watch your bottom line take off.

Meet Your Expert

Leonta Williams

Leonta (Lee) Williams is currently the Director of Coding at a large physician organization in the southeast.  Lee has over 15 years of experience working in both the outpatient and inpatient setting.  Some of her professional roles have included coder, auditor, practice manager, educator, and trainer.

Lee has presented at national healthcare conferences, private healthcare training organizations, and has frequently contributed articles to healthcare publications.  She currently serves on a number of Boards including Georgia Health Information Management Association (GHIMA) and the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).  Lee has a B.S. in Health Information Management and an MBA with concentration in Healthcare Administration.


Very Informative.
Tawana Moore
Recon, J&S Billing & Consulting
I think the Webinar was very informational.
Jenna Woodyard
Insurance Coordinator, Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Center of VA