Return Your Practice Revenue to Pre-Coronavirus Days Safely & Firmly


You want to help your practice get revenue back to its pre-coronavirus revenue and you know it’s not going to be a light switch. There are, however, steps you can take today that can help you recover steadily.

The right plan will boost your patient volume faster than you thought possible, allowing you to recover financially and safely.

That’s where national consultant and coding expert, Penny Osmon Bahr, CPC, CHC, CPC-I, can help. During her upcoming online training session, she’ll provide you with formulas you can use to recapture volume, optimize visit mix and recover revenue. By utilizing Penny’s practical strategies, you’ll reach your new normal before you know it.

Here are just some of the revenue-driving strategies you’ll learn by attending this 60-minute online training session:

  • Set milestones you should employ to recover as quickly as possible
  • Determine the most profitable in-person and telemedicine visit mix you should achieve each month
  • Pinpoint the top-revenue performing services your practice should focus on
  • Identify future bottlenecks as patient volumes return to pre COVID-19 levels
  • Revitalize your practice with custom operation plan, proven formula that works
  • Segment patient populations to prioritize outreach using practical strategies
  • Add pay up for remote services monitoring without violating new billing rules
  • Quickly adjust course if you are not hitting your targets over the next 6-18 months
  • Fill your clinic and OR schedules for top financial outputs before second wave hits
  • Address patient apprehension to resuming care so you can hit revenue targets
  • Plug lost billing revenue from missed chronic services opportunities
  • And so much more …

None of us has a crystal ball that will allow us to know exactly what the remainder of 2020 will look like. But, with the proven strategies you’ll learn from this online training, you’ll be able to supercharge your practice in a post-pandemic world.

This 60-minute online training will walk you through how to develop a solid revenue action plan to put much of the pain and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic behind you. This session will give you the formulaic approach you need to define your new reimbursement mix, how to make it happen and get to your new normal quickly and efficiently. Don’t wait. Sign up now.

Meet Your Expert

Penny Osmon Bahr
CHC, CPC, CPCI Consultant

Penny is an executive level health care transformation consultant that works to, develop business strategy, navigate regulatory impact and execute improvement across the healthcare ecosystem. She brings over 20 years of industry experience and has worked across the continuum. Her goal is to partner with clients to successfully navigate the rapidly evolving health care payment and regulatory landscape.

Penny is professionally respected for her broad industry knowledge, leadership and her approach to sharing complex information.  Throughout her career she has frequently assisted clients in development of new strategies and services, taking a goal oriented approach and always considers the culture of the organization.  Penny is a frequent presenter on a myriad of topics across the county.  She has also served on statewide and national boards and is frequently published.