Proven Tactics to Improve Staff Retention, Quality and Patient Satisfaction


Just when you think you’ve gotten everything at your medical practice running smoothly, one of your staff gives their 2-weeks’ notice. When employees leave your practice, it wreaks havoc on your office processes, patient satisfaction, your time and your practice’s bank account (studies show that every employee you lose costs you an extra 150% of their annual salary).

At a time when the quality of the services and care you provide are being ranked, scored and tied to your reimbursement, any deviation in quality can have serious consequences for your practice. The good news is that you can reduce employee turnover with a few easy-to-implement strategies that can have a profound, positive effect on your office atmosphere, quality and patient satisfaction. However, how you manage this transition is essential to your success.

This is where healthcare management expert, Charles C. (Mike) Anderson, MPA, can help. Mike presented a 60-minute online training session that will provide you with proven tactics to help you reduce staff turnover, improve the productivity of your team, and boost overall patient satisfaction – not to mention saving you money.

Here are just a few of the practical staff retention strategies you will receive during this 60-minute training session:

      • Make your team feel heard and engaged to keep great employees longer
      • Proven strategies to make yourself more approachable and available to staff
      • Utilize qualitative and quantitative observations to improve staff interactions
      • Set clear expectations to improve performance results
      • Identify and head off problem areas more quickly, before they lead to staff dissatisfaction
      • And so much more…

Your ability to communicate more clearly, interact more effectively and build strong employee relationships can significantly reduce your overall staff turnover and help you retain your best employees longer. In turn, this benefits your patients by improving care quality, reducing costs and making care more accessible. Another advantage of boosting your staff productivity and performance quality is that it makes your job significantly less stressful and more satisfying.

Don’t fall into the trap of relying on just your previous experiences to manage your team more successfully. By investing just 60 minutes of your time, you can substantially improve your practice’s employee retention, and run a more successful medical office. Don’t wait, take advantage of this expert-led online training today.

Meet Your Expert

Charles C. (Mike) Anderson

Mike’s career has always been about improving the quality and delivery of health care services. With over thirty-five years in health care, including patient care, operations, contract and project management, to health care consultant, Mike has a unique perspective on key elements of what managers need for achieving success.

Mike, has been an instructor and presenter on health management in a variety of venues throughout his career, presenting at both local and national conferences.