Surgical Modifiers: Uncover Hidden Payment Secrets


Surgical modifiers are such a pain. One slip up and your denials can skyrocket, your reimbursement can plummet, and you could end up on a RAC, OIG, Medicare, or private payer audit list. And to top it off, their definitions are so similar it can seem impossible to pick the right one.

Well, NO MORE. Nationally recognized coding educator and consultant, Jan Rasmussen, PCS, ACS-OB, ACS-GI  will give you the plain-English help you need to choose the correct surgical modifier every time, and it will only take 60 minutes of your time.

By ordering this online training you’ll get to see how the correct and incorrect application of surgical modifiers REALLY makes a difference to your practice’s overall reimbursement. You’ll walk away from this practical training with everything you need to use these trick modifiers more accurately and to boost your reimbursement, cut your denials and avoid a modifier-driven audit.

Here are just a few of the surgical modifier coding solutions you’ll receive by ordering this 60-minute information-packed online training:

  • Documentation tips to get more for unusual procedure services – modifier 22
  • Head off hidden payment problems with modifiers 22, 58, 78, 79, 54 and 55
  • Get paid faster and reduce denials for modifiers 58, 78 and 79
  • Avoid overuse of modifier 59, and stay off of your carrier’s audit list
  • Get paid for assistant-to-surgery claims with simple to implement modifiers 80, 81 and 82 rules
  • Avoid reductions for multiple same-day procedures, hint: modifier 51 is not the answer
  • Correctly report split surgeries to avoid payment delays and audits with modifiers 54 and 55
  • Meet the standard of co-surgery, and boost your payup with modifier 62
  • Stop denials for post-operative procedures during a 90-day global period.
  • And so much more…

WHO SHOULD ORDER: All practices that perform surgery will benefit from attending this practical, how-to online training session. Professionals that will benefit include: Practice/Office Managers, Doctors, NPPs, Nurses, MAs, Billers, Coders.

Knowing when – and when not – to use these complex surgical modifiers will save you denial headaches thousands in lost reimbursement. This program will provide you with real-world coding examples and help you thoroughly understand when and how to apply use these important modifiers.

Stop surgical modifiers from causing reductions in your revenue, or from landing you in legal hot water. Don’t wait, order today.


Meet Your Expert

Jan Rasmussen
CPC, PCS, ACS-OB, ACS-GIHealthcare Consultant, Professional Coding Solutions

As a health care consultant Jan has more than 35 years of experience in physician billing, reimbursement and compliance.

In her role as a physician consultant, she has participated in physician coding and documentation reviews including OIG government PATH and Champus audits, designed and conducted physician coding seminars nationwide.

Jan has also worked for several major health insurance payers in Wisconsin, was a coding advisor to the WPS Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee and served as the coding and reimbursement coordinator for a 37 provider, staff model HMO clinic. As the coding and reimbursement coordinator, Jan was responsible for physician office, hospital and nursing facility coding, charge ticket development, fee development, reimbursement analysis, claims analysis and physician education.

Jan is currently the owner of Professional Coding Solutions, a healthcare consulting firm. She has been a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) since 1992 with active membership in the American Academy of Procedural Coders (AAPC). As a member of the AAPC, Jan previously served on their Advisory Board as the liaison to the AMA, has been a speaker for the AAPC annual conference as well as contributing to the development of AAPC’s independent study and university education programs and proficiency tests. In 1994, she was honored by AAPC as Networker of the Year. Previously Jan was a Regional Governor for the American College of Medical Coding Specialists (ACMCS) serving as Chair of the Ethics committee and a member of the Examination committee.


Stayed on topic and did not go over time or last too long.
Lori Carroll
Billing Operations Supervisor, Midwest Ear, Nose and Throat
It was very informative.
Tonya Whitlow
Credentialed Clinical Coder, Princeton Community Hospital & MMG coding
It was a very quick pace, but thorough.
Lauren Younce
Insurance Coordinator, Denver Metro OMS
Excellent speaker!
Stephanie Giberson
Director of HIM & Rev Cycle, Mahaska Health Partnership