2-Part Series: Transitional and Chronic Care Management


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Part 1: Transitional Care Management

If you provide post-discharge transition assistance for your patients are probably losing money. Finally, learn how to get paid more of what you deserve for transitional care management (TCM) services.

Part 2: Chronic Care Management

Proven strategies to code your chronic care management services more accurately, reduce claim denials and improve pay up. Finally, get paid more of what you deserve for treating your sickest patients.


You deserve to be paid more for the post-discharge and chronic care services you provide. But unless you know how, you ARE losing money – which is the case for most practices.

Over the past few years, new codes and reduced compliance guidelines have made getting paid for both transitional and chronic care easier, but you have to know what you are doing.

  • If you correctly implement Transitional Care Management (TCM) services, you can double your Medicare reimbursement for with just a few changes in your current process.
  • With a few easy-to-implement modifications to how you offer and document the Chronic Care Management (CCM) services you provide, you can expect to add thousands of dollars a month to your bottom line.

You’ll continue to provide these much needed services for free, unless you make a change. Physician and certified professional coder, Michael Stearns, MD, CPC, CFPC, and national coding expert and educator Kim Garner Huey, MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO, have put together two can’t-miss online training sessions that will help you finally get paid more for these essential services.

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PART 1: Transitional Care Management: Finally Get Paid What You Deserve

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Utilizing TCM codes correctly can be tricky. It requires attention to detail and a thorough understanding of their compliance requirements. But, when you consider the possible increased reimbursement, it is well worth it.

This is where physician and certified professional coder, Michael Stearns, MD, CPC, CFPC can help. During his 60-minute online training, Dr. Stearns will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to accurately utilize and comply with these complex codes so you can finally get paid for more of the services you provide.

PART 2: Chronic Care Mgmt: Improve Coding Accuracy, Get Paid More

Available Immediately
Order the on-demand version and listen to it at your convenience.

You can get paid even more for your sickest patients – basically reimbursing you closer to what you deserve for the added care you provide for them. But there is a catch…

…you must know how to correctly apply CCM codes (including the new code for 2019). On your own, this is no small feat. The reporting requirements are still numerous, but, with a little guidance, you can master the rules quickly and easily and stop providing this much needed care for free. You can learn how by accessing the online raining by national coding expert and educator, Kim Garner Huey, MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO.

Meet Your Experts

Michael Stearns
MD, CPC, CFPC, CRCPhysician Informaticist

Michael Stearns, MD, CPC, CFPC, CRC is a physician informaticist, certified professional coder (CPC), certified family practice coder (CFPC) and certified risk adjustment coder (CRC). He is the CEO and Founder of Apollo HIT, LLC, an organization that provides healthcare information technology (HIT) and compliance consulting services.

His company assists organizations with meeting their documentation, compliance, coding, risk adjustment, EHR optimization and other program goals; including performance in quality and efficiency-based incentive programs.

Kim Huey
MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCOKGG Coding and Reimbursement Consulting, LLC

Kim is an independent coding and reimbursement consultant, providing audit, training and oversight of coding and reimbursement functions for physicians. Kim completed three years of pre-medical education at the University of Alabama before she decided that she preferred the business side of medicine.

She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management and went on to obtain certification through the American Academy of Professional Coders and the American Health Information Management Association.

Recognizing the important position of compliance in today’s world, she has also obtained certification as a Certified Healthcare Compliance Consultant and a Certified Healthcare Audit Professional. Kim is also an AHIMA-approved ICD-10-CM trainer and has recently earned a Master of Jurisprudence in Health Law.

For over twenty-five years, Kim has worked with providers in virtually all specialties, from General Surgery to Obstetrics/Gynecology to Oncology to Internal Medicine and beyond. She has spoken at the national conference for numerous organizations.


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