COVID-19 Telemedicine Coding: Get Paid More from Medicare, Private Payers


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Part 1: Earn $110 For Patient Phone Call, New CMS Rule Applies

This training will help your practice’s 30-minute phone calls (99443) get paid at $110 – the same amount as a level-4 office visit (99214), but you must know how to code, document & bill your claims correctly.

Part 2: Coronavirus: Get Paid for Private Pay Non-Face-to-Face Patient Care

Treat more patients remotely and get paid during the COVID-19 emergency. This training will help you code your non-face-to-face services more accurately, boost your reimbursement, and protect your practice and patients.


Get Paid What You Deserve for Phone Visits and Other Telehealth Services

Medicare and many private payers are now reimbursing for many more telehealth services if the claims are coded correctly. However, the rapid implementation of these telehealth codes has led to multiple rule changes that make filing accurate claims confusing.

You can ensure that your telehealth claims are reimbursed accurately and that you receive ALL of the reimbursement you are due, by accessing the COVID-19 Telehealth Coding 2-Part Online Training Series. This 2-part telehealth coding training series will walk you through the most recent telehealth code additions, and help you apply them accurately. Ultimately, you’ll be able to get paid more of what you are due.

Below you’ll find a brief description of each session in this must-have series.

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PART 1: Earn $110 For Patient Phone Call New CMS Rule Applies

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Your practice’s 30-minute phone calls (99443can now be paid at $110 – the same amount as a level-4 office visit (99214). But to get the added reimbursement you must successfully meet CMS’ April 30th requirements.

Payments for telephone calls (99441-99443) have jumped to $46-$110 from $14-$41 making telephone E/M service reimbursement now equivalent to mid-level office visits (99212-99214). The increased payments are applicable to claims from March 1.

With a little help you can seriously boost reimbursement for your patient phone visits, and coding and training expert, Leonta (Lee) Williams, MBA, RHIA, CCS, CCDS, CPC, CPCO, CEMC, CHONC, CRC, can tell you how. During Lee’s online training, she’ll will walk you through how to comply with the most recent telehealth coding rules, so you can get paid more of what you deserve for your patient phone visits and other telehealth services.

PART 2: Coronavirus: Get Paid for PRIVATE PAY Non-Face-to-Face Patient Care

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Order the on-demand version and listen to it at your convenience.

Getting your providers paid for non face-to-face services is about so much more than just optimizing their time and productivity. With the fast spread of COVID-19, it’s now about keeping your providers and your staff healthy and safe. Fortunately, there are a variety of options available that allow your practitioners to see Medicare AND Private Payer patients remotely, and get paid for the non-face-to-face services.

This is where nationally-recognized coding and training expert, Kim Garner Huey, MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO, can help. During her ready-to-access online training, you’ll receive step-by-step strategies on how to more accurately and easily code, bill and document the non-face-to-face services your physicians and physician extenders provide.

Past Webinar Reviews:

“I thought the webinar was excellent and all of my questions were answered.”
– Suzanne Pinnon, Geriatrician, Dr. Suzanne Pinon, MD

“As stated in the question box…I have listened to at least a dozen of these Telehealth / Telemedicine Webinars over the past couple of weeks and I could have saved all the time invested attending those webinars because this is the only one that I needed to attend. Thank you so much for the comprehensive, straight forward and 100% relevant information. I would attend any and all training sessions that are put on by this presenter.” 
– Jody Tinsley, Director of Revenue Management, Community Healthcore

“Excellent, and very resourceful. She spoke clearly, and at a great pace. I also enjoyed the diagrams and resources given to us.”
– Melinda Rivera, HIM Supervisor, Uvalde Memorial Hospital

“I thought the webinar was very informative and the speaker was well spoken.”
– Angella Buffaloe, Coding and Compliance Auditor-HCC, Summit Health Management

Meet Your Experts

Kim Huey
MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCOKGG Coding and Reimbursement Consulting, LLC

Kim is an independent coding and reimbursement consultant, providing audit, training and oversight of coding and reimbursement functions for physicians. Kim completed three years of pre-medical education at the University of Alabama before she decided that she preferred the business side of medicine.

She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management and went on to obtain certification through the American Academy of Professional Coders and the American Health Information Management Association.

Recognizing the important position of compliance in today’s world, she has also obtained certification as a Certified Healthcare Compliance Consultant and a Certified Healthcare Audit Professional. Kim is also an AHIMA-approved ICD-10-CM trainer and has recently earned a Master of Jurisprudence in Health Law.

For over twenty-five years, Kim has worked with providers in virtually all specialties, from General Surgery to Obstetrics/Gynecology to Oncology to Internal Medicine and beyond. She has spoken at the national conference for numerous organizations.

Leonta Williams

Leonta (Lee) Williams is currently the Director of Coding at a large physician organization in the southeast.  Lee has over 15 years of experience working in both the outpatient and inpatient setting.  Some of her professional roles have included coder, auditor, practice manager, educator, and trainer.

Lee has presented at national healthcare conferences, private healthcare training organizations, and has frequently contributed articles to healthcare publications.  She currently serves on a number of Boards including Georgia Health Information Management Association (GHIMA) and the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).  Lee has a B.S. in Health Information Management and an MBA with concentration in Healthcare Administration.