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Daphne Kackloudis

Partner at Brennan, Manna & Diamond

Meet Your Expert

Daphne L. Kackloudis is a member of the firm, she heads BMD Columbus’ health care practice, and she chairs BMD’s Empowerment and Opportunity (DE&I) Committee. Daphne’s success –and that of her clients – is rooted in the nexus between traditional health care legal services and health care public policy. She has broad and deep experience in health care operations, service delivery, payment systems, and compliance, as well as Medicaid, public policy, and government affairs. Daphne advises health care trade associations and health care providers as outside counsel and in-house as a member of her clients’ senior leadership teams.

Training Sessions by Daphne Kackloudis

  • Medical billing

    Collecting money from patients is essential to keeping your practice in the black, but not every medical billing and collection strategy is beneficial - in fact, some can get you into big trouble. The reality is that many practices are handling patient collections all wrong from a compliance standpoint. Waiving the wrong copay, offering discounts to the wrong patients, and […]

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  • Professional courtesy discount

    Writing off patient copays and offering colleagues professional courtesy discounts can quickly make you an OIG target.  The problem is that both federal and state professional courtesy and patient hardship discounting laws are complex and confusing, and there are about a million ways to violate them. Sure, there are legitimate reasons for you to waive patient copays or write off […]

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  • Medical records destruction

    Fail to comply with the 2024 medical records destruction rules, and you’ll lose up to $50,000 per penalty. To make matters more complicated, the Supreme Court clarified the False Claims Act statute of limitations (including that you must keep records for 10 years versus 6 years) - unless your state law requires longer. This means you must change how you […]

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  • Patient abandonment lawsuit

    Terminating a physician-patient relationship is fraught with dangers that can land you in serious legal and financial hot water. When you “fire” a patient, they can easily feel neglected, discarded, and discriminated against. This is what typically drives a patient to accuse you of abandonment. And if this happens, you can count on ending up in a legal and financial nightmare […]

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