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Don Phin


Meet Your Expert

Don Phin is a California employment law attorney. Since leaving his litigation practice more than twenty years ago, he has consulted with hundreds of companies to help improve their employment practices. He has presented in person over 600 times to CEOs, HR, and other executives on what works in leadership and employee relations.

Don built HRThatWorks, an online HR compliance and strategy program, used by 3,500 companies and sold to ThinkHR in 2014. In addition to consulting and speaking, Don does executive coaching and workplace investigations.

Training Sessions by Don Phin

  • Marijuana in the workplace
    Aug 20, 2024 - 1:00 ET

    More often than ever, employees are testing positive for marijuana at work. And in states where marijuana is legal, your ability to protect your patients and practice from impairment-related errors is even more complicated. And let’s face it, with the ever-increasing regulations your practice must comply with, even a simple mistake can have dire consequences. To make things more complicated, […]

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  • Workplace Mental Health

    Eventually, your office will have an employee who experiences workplace mental health issues (if you haven’t already). When you do, you must be prepared to respond correctly. Regardless of your practice specialty or size, correctly managing workplace mental health issues isn’t easy. Not only are you dealing with emotions, but there are also numerous federal and state laws you must […]

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  • Workplace investigation

    When you suspect wrongdoing has occurred at your practice, the next logical step is to conduct a workplace investigation. Sounds easy enough, right? WRONG. There are very specific steps that you can and cannot take while conducting your workplace investigation. Especially when you are addressing sensitive situations like discrimination, harassment, retaliation, etc. Sorting through the massive checklist you must follow […]

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