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John White

professional security practitioner and consultant

Meet Your Expert

John has been a professional security practitioner, security consultant, and expert witness since 1999. He has security expertise in a variety of industries (including healthcare). His security experience includes security operations, corporate security management, regulatory compliance, & security training.

Currently, John is President and Chief Executive Officer of his professional security consulting firm, Protection Management, LLC.  Prior to this, he served a distinguished career in law enforcement, corporate security, and the military.  John is also a published author. His book, Security Risk Assessment – Managing Physical and Operational Security is available online.

John is board certified in security management, is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), and a Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator (CHPA). His professional memberships include the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS), the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC), ASIS International, The International Association of Chiefs of Police, National Association of Chiefs of Police, and the International Police Association.

Training Sessions by John White

  • Active Shooter Preparedness

    To protect your practice against an active shooter or armed intruder event you MUST be prepared – and your front desk staff are your first line of defense. The people at your front desk are the first point of contact with an active shooter or armed intruder should they walk in your door. How they respond can mean the difference […]

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  • patient violence; deescalate angry patient

    Workplace abuse and violence is 5 times more likely in a healthcare setting than any other industry in the US. That means your chances of encountering violence at your practice are very real, and your front desk staff are right on the front line. Whether you encounter an abusive patient or get caught in the middle of a family dispute […]

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