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Laura Fryan


Meet Your Expert

Laura is a partner with Brouse McDowell law firm. As a healthcare attorney, she provides strategic guidance and legal advice on a variety of topics including HIPAA, Stark and Anti-Kickback compliance, vendor agreements, employment contracts, overpayment audits, government investigations, private/government payer reimbursement, and state/federal licensing.

Laura also facilitates transactions for her healthcare clients including joint ventures, leasing of physician practices, buying and selling physician groups, and other health care related entities.  Her clients include physician practices, hospitals, home health agencies, ambulatory surgery centers, assisted living facilities, dialysis companies and health plans.

Training Sessions by Laura Fryan

  • Patient Billing

    You can bring in significant additional income by charging for cash-only services - as long as you know the patient billing rules. In many cases, you provide these services for free, when you could actually charge for them. Fortunately, help is available to walk you through patient billing rules so you can get paid for these services without worrying about patient complaints, […]

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  • Charging for medical records

    Charging the wrong amount for medical records requests just got much more expensive. Failure to comply with new CMS regulations for charging for medical records means your practice can be hit with an $85,000 fine per penalty. Even innocent mistakes can land you in serious hot water. This is where healthcare attorney, Laura F. Fryan, JD, can help. During her […]

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  • Patient Medical Records

    Managing patient medical records is a financial and legal minefield. All it takes is a simple mistake, and you can be hit with a lawsuit and penalties that can be a nightmare for your practice. Bottomline, there are a million ways to get it wrong. However, if you can get a handle on the top three risk areas when managing […]

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