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Pam Joslin

CEO of Innovative Healthcare Consulting

Meet Your Expert

Pam is CEO of Innovative Healthcare Consulting and has more than 20 years of medical practice management, billing, coding, reimbursement, auditing and compliance experience. She is an engaging presenter via webinar, classroom and conference on various topics that impact each step of the revenue cycle in healthcare practices.

Pam has managed medical practices ranging from single to multi-specialty groups, including ASCs. She is an advocate of process improvement and maximizing and empowering employees to bring about the “best practice” results for your organization. She received her Master’s in Management from the University of Phoenix. Pam maintains memberships in professional organizations to support her continuing cycle of learning in the ever-changing healthcare industry.

Training Sessions by Pam Joslin

  • Front Desk Check-in Accuracy

    The answer to getting your claims paid faster lies with your front office staff. You have to establish a front desk check-in accuracy process that works. Their ability to correctly and completely collect the necessary information from your patients at check-in is the key. Sure, it sounds easy enough: just ask some questions, get some paperwork filled out, and collect […]

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  • Combat-Negative-Online-Patient-Reviews

    Getting just one negative online review about your practice, or about anything from long waiting times to a billing mistake, can cost you up to 30 new patients. The issue is that based on a fleeting emotion, a patient can post a negative comment about your practice, and never think about it again. Whether the comment is true or not, […]

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