Stop Patient Referral Anti-Kickback Violations, Litigation, Penalties

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Lynn M. Adam, Esq.
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You are at serious risk of violating the Anti-Kickback Law every single time your practice refers a patient to an outside provider, facility, or service.

Why now?

A slew of recent legal cases has highlighted that the definition of “referrals” in the Anti-Kickback Law is very broad. This leaves the law up for interpretation and makes it easier than ever to make mistakes that can turn into costly violations. Even an innocent referral error can land you in hot water and cost you thousands in returned Medicare reimbursements, attorney fees, and fines – and can even result in jail time (yes, really).

To make matters more challenging, the Anti-Kickback Law applies to a vast number of the business arrangements your practice is likely to have set up (i.e., Equipment Rentals, DME Companies, Telehealth Vendors, Drug Representatives, Drug Companies, Pharmacies, Laboratories, Imaging Centers, and much more).  The good news is you don’t have to go it alone.

Attorney and compliance expert Lynn Adam, Esq., will walk you through proven strategies to keep your practice on the right side of the Anti-Kickback Statute. Thanks to Lynn’s easy-to-implement how-to tactics, you’ll be able to cut through the legalese and complexities of the Anti-Kickback Law to get the plain-English strategies you’ll need to make compliant referrals every time.

Here are just a few of the practical referral compliance strategies you’ll receive by attending this expert-led online training that will help you avoid costly Anti-Kickback Law violations:

  • Uncover when referral incentives become “remuneration” under the law
  • Classify who is subject to kickback accusations – it’s not just physicians
  • Implement compliant Anti-Kickback policies to avoid conflicts of interest and litigation
  • Identify and crack down on at-risk vendors who aren’t abiding by the law
  • Ace the seven elements of an effective compliance program
  • Identify problematic supplier agreements that could put you in violation of the law
  • Head off referral red flags when it comes to medications, orthotics, imaging, and more
  • Pinpoint when you can tackle a referral issue and when to call your attorney
  • And much, much more…

WARNING: Don’t assume you’re safe referring to specific suppliers and providers just because other practices do. Anti-Kickback violations are the darling of whistleblowers and government enforcers. These cases have generated millions in penalties (paid for by practices just like yours). But this doesn’t have to be you. With a bit of help, you can cut your risk and stay on the right side of these complex and confusing referral laws.

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Meet Your Expert

Lynn M. Adam

Lynn Adam is a former federal prosecutor with over 20 years of experience with whistleblower actions and healthcare compliance. Lynn established Adam Law LLC to represent whistleblowers in qui tam litigation under the False Claims Act and to advise healthcare organizations on matters involving internal investigations, overpayment inquiries, and compliance issues.

With experience on both sides of the enforcement equation, Lynn offers clients a comprehensive perspective on healthcare enforcement and compliance. Lynn also draws on her substantial healthcare experience to serve as an expert witness on topics relating to the False Claims Act and fraud and abuse laws and regulations.