Improve Dental Hygiene CDT Code Accuracy & Payment Results

Length: 90 Minutes Expert: Kathy S. Forbes, RDH, BS, FADHA CEU: 1.5

You may think it’s easy to accurately code for dental hygiene services now that CDT code D4355 updates are active … Well, think again.

IMPORTANT: Auditors are paying special attention to how you apply CDT code D4355, because of its history of being billed incorrectly. Even an innocent mistake can lead to allegations of fraud and significant penalties.

There are currently 7 distinct hygiene services procedure codes to choose from — each with a very specific descriptor that clearly outlines its allowable services. To ensure your dental practice is paid everything it’s due for its hygiene services, your entire team must closely comply with descriptor nuances of each related CDT code (including documentation requirements). As confusing as this process can be, there is help available.

This is where dental hygienist and practice management educator Kathy S. Forbes, RDH, BS, FADHA, can help. During her 90-minute online training session on Wednesday, December 6th at 1:00 pm ET, Kathy will show you exactly how to get paid more of what you deserve for dental hygiene services. You’ll receive actionable step-by-step advice to help you improve your CDT code application accuracy, implement audit-proof documentation, and increase your overall hygiene services reimbursement.

Here are just a few of the strategies for reporting the correct CDT code for dental hygiene services that you’ll receive by attending this upcoming, 90-minute online training:

  • Choose the correct “cleaning” code from 7 confusing options
  • Confirm that you’re reporting D4355correctly now that major payers have released guidelines
  • Audit proof charts with must-have hygiene services documentation language
  • Better match procedures w/American Academy of Periodontology disease classifications
  • Avoid common coding mistakes for periodontal maintenance (D4910)
  • Head off hygiene reimbursement miscommunications to collect more from patients
  • And so much more…

Dental hygiene services should be 25-35% of your practice’s revenue. If not, you are leaving uncollected reimbursement on the table. You can regain control of your dental hygiene reimbursement by attending this expert-led CDT code application training. During this exclusive event, you’ll receive actionable steps to help you improve your dental hygiene procedure coding accuracy, reduce denials, and collect more of what you are due.

Don’t wait, register for this upcoming 90-minute online training today! Register as soon as possible to guarantee access to this must-attend online training. Attendance is limited to ensure that everyone has time to get their questions answered.

Meet Your Expert

Kathy S. Forbes
RDH, BS, FADHAPresident, Professional Dental Seminars, Inc

Kathy has been a dental hygienist, educator, speaker, author, consultant, seminar, and study club leader for over 40 years.  She speaks frequently about the correct classification, documentation, treatment planning, and CDT procedure code selection for patients receiving dental hygiene treatment. In addition, she holds a license with the ADA for Current Dental Terminology© which allows her to provide the most up-to-date understanding of current procedure codes.

She has authored articles for RDH Magazine, Dentistry Today, and other publications specifically addressing dental hygiene treatment planning and correct CDT procedure code selection. Her national engagements include presentations to the American Dental Association, ADHA Center for Lifelong Learning, RDH Under One Roof, and the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference.

Kathy’s most recent honors include being selected as a recipient of the 2023 Sunstar RDH Achievement of Distinction in the category of Entrepreneurship and being selected as a member of the inaugural class of Fellows for the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.

She currently serves as a Director for the DentalCodeology™ Consortium, reviewing and developing procedure codes relevant to dental hygiene practice and providing testimony to the Code Maintenance Committee of the American Dental Association each year.

For more information on Kathy, Please click on this link to visit her website.