Stop ChatGPT from Increasing Practice Compliance & Legal Risks


Whether you know it or not, your practice staff ARE using ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence (AI) tools to make their lives easier and more productive. Although this sounds great, its use opens your practice up to numerous compliance and legal risks, unless you take action right now.

So, before you jump into utilizing ChatGPT headfirst, it is imperative you know the compliance risks and how to protect your practice.

This is where Healthcare compliance leader Leslie Boles, BA, CCS, CPC, CPMA, CHC, CPC-I, CRC, can help. During her online training session, she will uncover the hidden ChatGPT pitfalls that await you. She’ll walk you through the best ways to avoid legal issues when utilizing this new technology, so you can use ChatGPT without increasing your legal and compliance risks.

Here are just a few of the essential ChatGPT compliance risks this one-hour online training will help you avoid:

  • Uncover how to use ChatGPT without increasing your legal risk
  • Pin down policy changes that can protect you against compliance violations
  • Head off costly HIPAA violations when using this new AI technology
  • Comply with disclosure laws when using a chatbot with patients
  • Modify your data security plan to protect against possible breaches
  • Reduce legal risk when using ChatGPT for billing and recordkeeping
  • Discover how ChatGPT affects your patient policies
  • Reduce your risk when employing ChatGPT to triage patient needs
  • And much, much more…

Whether you like it or not, ChatGPT is here, and your staff are using it in various ways, including with your patients. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this doesn’t affect you. One simple mistake can sabotage patient privacy or data security and lead to massive fines and penalties for your practice.

Now is the time to tighten up your practice’s compliance related to this new AI technology. This 60-minute online training will help you stay out of how ChatGPT legal hot water and show you exactly how to avoid costly compliance mistakes. Sign up for this training today!

Meet Your Expert

Leslie Boles
BA, CCS, CPC, CPMA, CHC, CPC-I, CRC Compliance Audit Director and Coding Instructor

Leslie is currently Director of Compliance Audit at Waud Capital Partners and as a Coding Instructor at Rutgers University. She has more than 13 years of experience in outpatient coding, auditing and compliance, and coding education.

Leslie prides herself in being able to present very complex coding and documentation regulations in a simplified manner. She has the credentials of CCS, CPC, CPMA, CHC , CPC-I and CRC from the American Academy of Professional Coders® (AAPC®), American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA).

Leslie has developed and implemented multiple training programs on physician coding and documentation, Medicare and Medicaid policy and compliance programs. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration from The University of Arizona and is currently a member of the Board of Directors and is Co-Chair of the Compliance Committee of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), NJ chapter.


The webinar provided good information and content. The speaker was well-spoken and confident!
Autumn Vroman
Human Resources Director, Casper Medical Imaging
The information was presented in a very clear manner.
Sarah Bystrom
Compliance Director, SummitStone Health Partners