Comply with HIPAA Compliance Officer Practice Mandates

Length: 60 Minute Expert: Jay Hodes
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Your practice is required to designate someone as your HIPAA Compliance Officer – whether you have a full-time compliance person or not. As your practice’s manager, it’s probably you – on top of everything else you do.

There’s a lot riding on you getting it right; especially considering that HIPAA violations can cost your practice as much as $50,000 each (which adds up fast). It is easy to let your HIPAA Compliance Officer duties get pushed to the bottom of the pile, but this can be a costly mistake.

Keeping your practice HIPAA compliant is no easy task. The rules are complex and change regularly. The last batch of changes modified over 100 pages of rules with new guidelines. Without a little help, being your practice’s HIPAA Compliance Officer and ensuring your practice consistently complies can feel impossible, but it doesn’t have to…

This is where HIPAA expert, Jay Hodes, can help. He has prepared a 60-minute, online training session specifically for practice Compliance Officers that take on HIPAA as a part of their already overloaded positions. During this online training, Jay will provide you with a clear-cut, easy-to-implement plan that will help you succeed as your practice’s designated HIPAA Compliance Officer and tackle those danger zones most likely to lead to violations and MASSIVE fines.

Here are just a few of the plain-English, time-saving HIPAA tactics this 60-minute online training session will help you resolve:

  • Don’t let the new Patient’s Right to Access requirements lead to an expensive HIPAA violation
  • Avoid HIPAA penalties because your vendor contracts aren’t sufficient
  • Implement data backup schedule that protects your patient data and practice
  • Avoid a lawsuit for releasing patient records incorrectly, even a valid patient signature isn’t enough
  • Unearth when a HIPAA subpoena isn’t sufficient to release medical records
  • Get easy-to-use risk assessment matrix worksheet to speed up HIPAA compliance
  • Uncover when your state HIPAA laws must take precedence
  • Document HIPAA Compliance Officer duties to head off simple to avoid penalties
  • Ensure your mobile device policy really protects you from violation fines
  • Implement best practices ransomware defense worksheet to avoid an attack (sample provided)
  • And so much more…

If you work in a medical practice and have been given the designation as your HIPAA Compliance Officer, this session is for you. This training will break down the complexities of HIPAA requirements directly applicable to practices just like yours. You’ll also get step-by-step actionable tactics you can utilize to help your practice avoid a violation that could end up costing you massive penalty amounts.

Don’t risk expensive HIPAA penalties. Remember that even innocent mistakes are punishable under HIPAA rules. Sign up for this must-attend, online practice-based HIPAA training today.

Meet Your Expert

Jay HodesPresident, Colington Consulting

Jay Hodes is a leading expert in HIPAA compliance and President of Colington Consulting. His company provides HIPAA consulting services for healthcare providers and business associates. Mr. Hodes has over 35 years of combined experience in risk assessments, site security evaluation, regulatory compliance, policy and procedures assessments, and Federal law enforcement management.

He served as the HIPAA Compliance Officer for the County of Fairfax, Virginia. In that role, Mr. Hodes managed the county-wide HIPAA security and privacy programs which included conducting security risk assessments, policy, and procedure development, conducting HIPAA breach, compliance, and privacy complaint investigations, and developing HIPAA Security Awareness and Privacy training. Mr. Hodes was an Assistant Inspector General for Investigations at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He has provided expert witness opinions for litigation cases.

Mr. Hodes has been the keynote speaker and provided presentations regarding HIPAA compliance and patient privacy to many professional healthcare organizations including the Health Care Compliance Association, the Maryland Medical Group Management Association, the Baltimore City (MD) Medical Society, the New Jersey Aging Life Care Association, the California Primary Care Association, the National Association for Speech and Hearing Centers, and the Virginia Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.

He has published over 70 educational articles regarding HIPAA compliance, been featured in Part B News articles, the Report on Patient Privacy, provided a guest post in the Electronic Health Reporter, interviewed and provided comments to Hospital Access Management regarding HIPAA privacy issues resulting from the Orlando mass shooting incident, and interviewed four times by Renal & Urology News, provided comments to the blog regarding HIPAA requirements and safeguards, interviewed by PracticeSuite EMR as part of their Expert Interview Series, and interviewed and provided comments to the Health System Specialist.

Mr. Hodes is a member of the American Institute of Healthcare Compliance, Health Care Compliance Association, and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. In his free time, Mr. Hodes is a volunteer for Lab Rescue of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac.