Overturn Medicare Provider Enrollment Denials, Get Approvals Fast


Unfortunately, you’re more likely to initially receive a denial of your Medicare provider enrollment application than an approval. Even a tiny misstep in the application process can be enough to warrant a rejection.

The problem is that figuring out why your Medicare provider enrollment application was denied can be a nightmare and leave you drowning in a sea of government red tape. But without approval, your provider is NOT ELIGIBLE to receive reimbursement for treating Medicare patients, and your practice is losing money.

So, if you can’t figure out why your Medicare provider enrollment application was denied, how can you fix it? Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone.

This is where credentialing and enrollment expert Yesenia Servin, CPMSM, PESC, comes in. During her presentation, she will walk you through EXACTLY how to determine why your application was denied and then how to fix it. This training will help you more quickly overturn your Medicare provider enrollment application denials so your providers can get paid.

Check out just a few of the proven strategies that will help you more easily and quickly increase your Medicare provider enrollment application approvals:

  • Easily translate Medicare denial verbiage to get swift enrollment approvals
  • Identify and resolve the most common Medicare application denial reasons
  • Stop over-answering application questions to improve enrollment approvals
  • Speed up Medicare provider enrollment decision with proven response language
  • Simplify denial responses to overcome correction requests more easily
  • Pin down exactly when/if to include your provider in the enrollment process
  • Sidestep easy-to-make resubmission errors that further delay provider approval
  • Quickly resolve application correction requests and get more denials overturned
  • Discover when to elevate to reconsideration and when not to
  • And much, much more…

Whether you need to gather more information, correct clerical errors, or ask your provider to chime in with details, there’s no wiggle room when combatting Medicare provider enrollment application denials. You’ve got to be right every time, or your practice will suffer the financial consequences.

Even though a Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) survey found that 54% of practices have had a Medicare provider enrollment application denied, this doesn’t have to be your reality. Mastering your response to a denied Medicare application could be among the most important tasks you do all year. Yesenia will walk you through every step you must know if you’d like to reverse those denials without spending hours of your time.

Don’t risk your provider’s pay — ensure your Medicare application sails through the resubmission process. Register today!

Meet Your Expert

Yesenia Servin
CPMSM, PESCNationally Certified Credentialing Specialist

Yesenia Servin is a nationally certified credentialing specialist, with over 20 years of experience in healthcare credentialing, contracting and payer enrollment. Her background includes working with various healthcare organizations, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Managed Care Organizations (MCO), Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC), and Academic Health Systems.

In addition to her role with Loyola University Medical Center, Yesenia has built her professional consultation business to serve healthcare professionals of all specialties. As a well-rounded credentialing specialist, her expertise extends through managing both provider credentialing and payer credentialing and enrollment.

Yesenia enjoys spending time with her family and jumping into the mini-van with them for a road-trip.