Cut Through Medicare Revalidation Headaches Fast


Medicare revalidation applications are tedious, time-consuming, and confusing – and this year, the rules have changed yet again.

It’s more challenging than ever to ensure your providers remain in good standing with Medicare. Failure to stay on top of the revalidation can delay your reimbursement – or halt it altogether.

Even an innocent mistake during the Medicare revalidation process can quickly jeopardize your provider’s PAR vs. NON-PAR status. Regardless of how you look at it, Medicare revalidation is just plain confusing. There are a million ways for you to take a wrong turn. Just a few of the complexities you must master include revalidation cycle deadlines, PECOS document requirements, taxonomy designations, surrogacy setup, management rules, etc.

The good news is, there is help available that can help you can make revalidating your providers with Medicare faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

This is where nationally certified credentialing expert Yesenia Servin CPMSM, PESC, comes in. During her 60-minute online training, Yesenia will walk you through EXACTLY how to comply with complex Medicare revalidation rules. By attending this exclusive training event, you’ll receive practical, step-by-step advice that you can implement immediately. You’ll get your Medicare provider revalidations correct the first time and avoid unwanted payment delays

Here are just some of the actionable, nitty gritty Medicare revalidation tactics you’ll receive by attending this online training:

  • Comply with Medicare’s surrogacy designation rule to ensure timely validation
  • Uncover the most common reasons for form rejections and avoid them
  • Pinpoint what to do if your temporary PTAN expired with the end of the PHE
  • Get approved more quickly by mastering new revalidation screening criteria
  • Utilize a proven tracking tool to meet CMS deadlines and maintain provider billing rights
  • Stop new form fields from holding up your providers’ revalidation approval
  • Easily access Medicare’s Revalidation Lookup Tool for more accurate submissions
  • Efficiently manage organizational and individual revalidations in PECOS
  • Correctly and securely set up your I&A account to speed up PECOS and NPPES access
  • Create your own PECOS login and more easily manage multiple provider accounts
  • Submit changes during the revalidation process without putting revenue on hold
  • Avoid easy-to-make mistakes when completing new Medicare validation forms
  • And so much more…

No doubt about it, CMS’ Medicare revalidation rules are confusing – even if you are a seasoned credentialing professional.

To keep your Medicare reimbursement flowing, you must master how to maneuver through revalidation complexities to avoid these considerable errors, i.e., missed deadlines, incorrect document submissions, surrogacy account setup errors, failure to establish an Identify and Access (I&A) link with PECOS, etc. Remember, even small mistakes can have dire consequences and result in your clinicians losing their status as Medicare providers.

This 60-minute online training session will help you reduce common revalidation missteps. You’ll walk away from this training with the ability to manage Medicare’s complex revalidation processes more easily and effectively, and get your claims approved and paid more quickly. Register online today.

Meet Your Expert

Yesenia Servin
CPMSM, PESCNationally Certified Credentialing Specialist

Yesenia Servin is a nationally certified credentialing specialist, with over 20 years of experience in healthcare credentialing, contracting and payer enrollment. Her background includes working with various healthcare organizations, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Managed Care Organizations (MCO), Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC), and Academic Health Systems.

In addition to her role with Loyola University Medical Center, Yesenia has built her professional consultation business to serve healthcare professionals of all specialties. As a well-rounded credentialing specialist, her expertise extends through managing both provider credentialing and payer credentialing and enrollment.

Yesenia enjoys spending time with her family and jumping into the mini-van with them for a road-trip.